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Finn & Fionna

Finn & Fionna are from two different universes, but if they weren't, they would be perfect for each other. Give your opinion below.


Because Fionna does not technically exist, they can not be together, but they were meant for each other. In fact, Fionna might possibly exist, there are infinite dementions out there so that means there are infinite dementions with Fionna and Cake and the land of Aaa in it.


  • I think they would be absolutely perfect for each other.
  • They are so close to each other, it's as if they are the same person :P ...... wait a second.....
  • @Person above me: XD
  • I hate to say this in front of so many FionnaXFinn fans but, as perfect as they are for each other, they can not date. Due to the laws of science, health and the utlra-intellegence on the known universe. You can not go out with you opposite gender version, for the same reason that you cant date a member of your own family. Your opposite gender version is blood-related to you and is technically a part of your family. Personally I think Finn is way better off with Flame Princess.
  • ^ Excuse me sir, while I agree that he and Flame Princess go great together, there is no way to tell if there identical iota for iota. But it would be wierd to be basically dating yourself.
  • ^ Attention Vocaloid Fans: That's why Rin and Len can't date. LenxTei forever. And FinnxFionna forever!
  • ^ Yes, because a completely different senerio that doesn't involve Adventure Time decides if it's true or not.... Since this can't be proven through real life testing (for obvious reason), there is no way to know unless the show and/or the creators specify at some point.
  • ^ I'm sorry, I just love Vocaloid. I won't mention Vocaloid, Pokemon, The Muppets...nothing but Adventure Time on this wiki. :)
  • ^ mentioning it is perfectly fine :p I just meant that logic in other universes don't usually conflict with each other. Like just because that's a legit reason why they can't date in Vocaloid (though I don't know anything about Vocaloid, including if that's true.....or who Rin and Len are....) that doesn't mean it makes sense in the AT universe.


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