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Who is Finn? Where did he come from? Who are his real parents? These questions need answers but some might not have one? Give evidence or your opinon down below.



It seems that when Finn was a baby, Finn's parents left him in the forest (this could be a result of Finn's parents dying from The Great Mushroom War). He was then adopted by Jake's parents, however, it is unknown who Finn's real parents are. Pen said in an interview that Finn got his bear themed hat by skinning and killing a bear. It is unknown how Finn skinned and killed the bear at such a young age. Finn and Jake were adoptive brothers for almost all their lives.

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  • I think that Fionna and Finn might be twin siblings.
  • Fiona is apart of Ice King's imagination. He wrote about her in a story, the whole episode about Fionna was the Ice King telling his "Fanfiction" (what he calls it in episode Mystery Dungeon) to Finn and Jake as they were frozen in blocks of ice...
  • You know the episode "Her Parents" where Lady's parents attempted to eat Finn and said that rainicorns eat humans, So that makes me think that raincorns hunted humans a long time ago. I think Finn's parents was eaten by rainicorns and finn was left in forest.
  • Finn's parents might've given him his hat for a god luck charm or something
  • ^ He got it in the woods when he skinned a bear.
  • If Finn and Fionna are twins, they were given hats as babies and got sperated somehow
  • it could be possible that when fionna and finn were babies they got separated by a time portal created by the atomic energy laying all around the area or it could even be possible that she is still in the "normal" world but shes in a coma state which someone or something created a world just for her so that she never wakes up!
  • Yes, maybe Fionna and Finn are twins. Fionna was in land of Aaa and Finn was in Land of Ooo. Before the Mushroom War, The Land of Aaa was formerly known as Australia and Land of Ooo was formerly known as North America. Prince Gumball told Fionna that she was NOT the last human on EARTH. Same with Princess Bubblegum and Finn. They also have the same characteristics. It's actually a Season 4 Finale...and they're using real songs.
  • I believe that the 'Fionna and Cake' episode might actually be a peak at Ooo one generation back and Fionna is actually Finn's mother. Think about it. Princess Bubblegum has an Uncle Gumball who she mentions in the first Susan Strong episode...couldn't he be Prince Gumball? Marceline is the Vampire 'Queen' and while she was always half demon she didn't become a vampire until quite some time after the great mushroom war (in memory of memory you notice that she doesn't have bite marks until later). To be a queen i'm sure you need a king and someone had to have turned her into a vampire....couldn't it have been....Marshall Lee? Then we can take a look at The Ice Queen....maybe like poor Simon...she was once human to and was transformed by her cursed crown. The final thing I'd like to point out is that in Susan strongs second episodes...a skull appears and it has a bunny hat on.
  • ^ Peeble's uncle is named GumBALD, not GumBALL. Marceline could have been born a vampire, since her dad is a vampire. The Ice Queen has a completely different backstory than the Ice King, according to Natasha Allegri. I don't think that the skull with the bunny hat was Fionna. And finally, Finn is a full human. He couldn't be a full human if there were no other humans to be his father if Fionna is his mother. He would either be human/candy person, human/vampire, human/fire elemental, or human/something else.
  • @First commenter, and two commenters above me: Preposterous. No offense. But they are in different dimensions. Sorry that I am wrecking your opinion, but... Yeah...
  • My theory is that as a result of a nuclear bomb going off, there were floods due to the force o the bomb. One flood affected the city where Finn lived, it was destroyed and Finn was carried of from his parents by waves. Unfortunatly, they drowned giving him the inate fear of the ocean. He then washed up on shore of the little "town beside the sea" and crawled around until he was discoered vy Joshua and Margret the dog.
  • That makes total sense acctually i mean how else would you explain his fear of the ocean when before that supposedly, and as for fionna being his sister nope, other demenion, possibly, but definitly not brother and sister, and she may have come before him but also not mother either, because, if Finn's mom drowned right in front of him giving him his fear of the ocean, as for Susan Strong she's his big sister she probibly found a place under ground to stay safe while her parents gave up finn to a safer place thus dying.
  • There is some possible details that fionna and finn being brother and sister because in the ep: finn the human you see finn's mother holding a baby and in jake the dog: finn only refers the baby to little sibling so it can be a girl or a boy and not to mention that entire time period didn't exist but finn is still real so that should mean that he has a brother or sister and may be fionna also i have a thought that the fan fiction isn't fan fiction because EVERY character (prince gumball, fionna, candy people at party and marshall lee were all gender swapped versions of the other adventure time BUT there's only two different ones which is cake and the rainicorn like creature in the show because think there are male rainicorns like in "her parents" there's bob and also there's finn and jake's mum so it could be possible that it isn't fake because of these two differences
  • Fionna and Finn are NOT twins or realated or whatever. Fionna's world was created from Ice Kings imagination, everyone in Aaa is a genderswapped virstion of the people in Ooo. Thats IT!
  • In the episode Ocean Of Fear finn is has a fear of the ocean i think his parents too.I think Finn's parents left him in the forest and they died in the ocean.