Finns Hat

Finn's Hat is the hat that Finn has been wearing this since the very first episode. He wears the hat most of the time and even wears it to bed. Finn has removed his hat 8 times so far in the show. The hat was destroyed in the episode "You Made Me!," but in episodes after it, Finn uses the same sort of hat. This proves that he has many of these hats.

In the episode "Little Dude," the hat comes to life and causes destruction to the Candy Kingdom. It becomes lifless again, and it brought back to life by the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving. Finn and Jake then decide to get another hat to replace the other one by skining a evil bear.


  • Every time Finn removes the hat, his hair is a different length, growing throughout the series.
  • The hat is said to represent Bueno the Bear, one of Pendleton Ward's earlier creations.
  • In the Animated Short, the hole for his face was a half circle, not an oval like it is in the show.
  • In the episode "In Your Footsteps," the bear is seen wearing one of the same hats. This may prove that he has other hats.
  • You can buy one on Amazon. They are expensive though. (Where DudeWhoPlays A.T.Music (talk) used to work at.)
  • In the episode King Worm, the "ears" on Finn's hat is longer than usual.
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