Finn (Pen in the original short)


17 (as of finale)






Joshua (stepfather), Margaret (stepmother), Jake (stepbrother), Jermaine (stepbrother)


Ice King, The Lich, Goliad, etc.

Voice Actor

Jeremy Shada (Zack Shada in the original short)


Flame Princess (girlfriend), later broke up in Earth and Water

Finn (Full title: Finn The Human Boy) is a human boy and one of the main characters on Adventure Time. He loves to adventure with his adoptive brother and his best friend, Jake. They like to hang out with their other friends when they have free time. It is stated that Finn is the last human on the planet and he gets "soul searchy" if he thinks about it too much. In the episode "Ocean of Fear," he is shown to have a phobia of the ocean and in the episode "Another Way," he is shown to have a fear of clowns. Though, in the episode "Marceline's Closet," it is shown that both Finn and Jake dislike spiders as well. Finn can do radical beat-boxing beats, sing really well, play a tamborine, and play a flute (though playing the flute has never been shown). Finn is voiced by Jeremy Shada. He has blonde hair (which is growing slowly) which was shown in the episode "To Cut A Woman's Hair." In the episode "The Silent King," he was the temporary king of the goblins. As of the episode "Burning Low," Flame Princess is his girlfriend. He met Flame Princess at the end of "Incendium," and at the end of "Hot To The Touch," both Finn and Flame Princess had a 'thing" for each other.

Finn is now an uncle to the Rainbow Pupsters. On the episode Finn the Human, it was revealed that his last names is 'Mertens'




  • Hand-to-Hand Combat - Finn has shown an extreme prowess for fighting hand-to-hand, evidenced in many episodes, such as "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain," where he was able to defeat Marauders.
  • Swordsmanship - Finn has exceptional swordsmanship, such as in "Dad's Dungeon," where he was able to defeat the monster who guarded the Demon Blood Sword, and in "Mystery Train," where he defeated Jake as the conductor, which makes him either incredibly skilled, or Jake incredibly weak.
  • Musician - Finn is seen to be musically talented, although he can't play the Viola as good as Jake, he is seen to be able to rap excellently, and is able to make different sounds with a balloon as seen in "Marceline's Closet."
  • Enhanced Endurance-  Finn is seen to take lots of pain, as in "No One Can Hear You," the Stag kicked him into a tree, breaking his legs, and only responds by saying "Whatever." He also didn't felt pain when he was thrown in a volcano, seen in "Jake Suit."


  • Fear - Finn has been shown to be afraid of many things, ranging from The Lich to The Ocean.
  • Mortality - Finn is an average human, so he doesn't have any special powers.


"That's Math" - Various Episodes

"I'll slay anything evil, that's my deal." - Code of Honor

"Algebraic!" - "Slumber Party Panic"

"JJ flip, what the zip?!" - "Her Parents"

"Balzacs!" - "Beautopia"

"Rhombus!" - Various Episodes

"All aboard the knuckle train to fist planet!" - "Dungeon"


Happy running Finn

"Spamow!" - "Susan Strong"

"Oh what!? He built his house in the sun!? This guy's insane!!" - "The New Frontier"

"I'm gonna go man-handle those guys's banandals!" - "Conquest of Cuteness"

"Im'a beat you with your own thing!" - "Morituri Te Salutamus"

"Fudge man! This place is yogaballs huge!" - "The Limit"

"Come over here and say that to my fist!" - "Blood Under the Skin"

"I'll hug your mom!" - "Hug Wolf"

"You're ugly, inside and out. So ugly, I want to throw up." - "To Cut A Woman's Hair"

"The Business Men are the problem you lazy plughole!" - "Business Time"

"Imagination is for Turbo-Nerds who can't handle how kick-butt reality is. - "Rainy Day Daydream"

NO I'M NOT! I HAVE A SWEATER ON! " Mortal Folly"

"It is man, but I still totally wanna play!" - "Card Wars"

"Jake! Something crazy messed up is going on!" - "Jake The Dog"

"How about you pick on someone your own size, like my fist! *Punches* Or my foot! *Kicks*" - "Ricardio the Heart Guy"


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