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This page is for completed or nearly completed fan made episodes of Adventure Time. If you have an idea for an episode, it should be done on the Episode Ideas page, and when it is completed, put it on this page.

Her Favorite Thing

The episode starts with Marceline flying around on her nightly feed. Finn and Jake are with her, commenting and snickering on how funny everything looks as Marceline is sucking the red out of them. After Marceline drinks the red out of various outfits, objects, ect. of citizens in the Candy Kingdom, she floats up to the Gumdrop Girls, one of which is holding a small teddy bear with bright red fur. She begins to suck the red out of the bear, when the Gumdrop Girl holding the bear starts to cry, and screams out "MY TEDDY BEAR!" At this, Marceline flinches back, and looks at the half-red half-white bear. Suddenly, the bear, in her eyes, changes into Hambo. Marceline drops the bear out of shock, and whispers "Hambo?" The bear changes back, and tears form in her eyes. Finn runs up.

Finn: "Woah, Marcy! Are you all right?" Marceline snaps back into reality and tries to hide the tears.

Marceline: "Oh, yeah guys. I'm fine. *sniff* I think I want to be alone right now. I'll… see you guys later." Marceline then flies off screen (back to her house).

Finn: "Hey Jake, what do you think that was about?"

Jake: "Hm... I think I heard her say 'hamo' or something. Do we know a Hamo?" Finn looks confused.

Finn: "Hamo?... wait. HAMBO! Wasn't that the old teddy bear Marcy used to have before that Ash guy sold it to some Witch?"

Jake: "You think she's still upset about that?"

Finn: "Well, she did say that it was her favorite thing in the world, didn't she? We should try to cheer her up."

Jake: "Yeah, I guess, but how are we going to do that?"

Finn: "Hey, why don't we try and get Hambo back for her?"

Jake: "But we don't even know where to find it?"

Finn: "Well, Ash is the one who sold Hambo, why don't we go see him? Do you remember where he lives?"

Jake: "Yeah man, a dog never  forgets."

Finn and Jake are at Ash's door and Jake knocks. Ash's voice comes from the house.

Ash: "Hey, baby! You came! I was beginning to think you weren't going to show-" Ash opens the door. "Oh, it's you dorks. What do you want?"

Finn: "Hey, you remember that teddy bear of Marceline's that you sold? We were hoping that you could-." Ash starts to close the door. Finn steps into the doorway. Finn: "Woah, Ash, hear us out?"

Ash: "Why should I?" Ash lets go of the door and sits down on his couch, looking depressed. Finn and Jake walk inside. "You guys ruined my chances of getting back together with Marceline, and ever since she dumped me, I haven't been able to get a single date."

Jake: "That's not her fault, man. You can't get a date because you’re a big jerk-." Finn elbows Jake in the stomach.

Finn: "You sold her favorite thing in the world, and tried to trick her into forgetting about your breakup. Can you really blame her for not wanting to get back with you?"

Ash: "(sigh) I'd do anything to get Marcy back."

Finn: "Well, we were hoping to get Marceline's teddy bear back for her, but we don't know where to find it. Would you help us get it back?"

Ash: "Why should I help you?"

Jake: "If you help us get Hambo back, maybe Marceline will take you back?"

Finn: "Jake, I don't think Marcy will forgive him-" Jake covers Finn's mouth with his hand.

Jake: "What do you say?"

Ash: "Do you really think that will work?"

Jake: She'll be begging you to come back."

Ash: "Alright, I'll help you two losers. You'd be lost without me anyway."

Jake: "Yeah, yeah. Just tell us where to find the doll. You sold it to some witch, right?"

Ash: "Oh, yeah. She lives to the east of the Gumdrop Woods about 5-"

Finn: "Can't you just take us there?"

Ash: "But, what if my date shows up?"

Jake: "How late is she exactly?"

Ash: "...On second thought, all I need is Marcy! I don't need some other girl! I'll bring you guys to the witch and just stand her up!" They all start walking towards the door.

Jake: Heh, yeah. You're standing HER up."

Finn, Jake, and Ash are walking through the woods.

Jake: "Do you even know where we're going?"

Ash: "Yeah, we're almost there. Now stop talking to me. You guys bug me." While walking through the woods, Finn and Jake spot a frog wearing a crown.

Finn: "Whoa, Jake! That frog's wearing a crown! Isn't that awesome?"

Jake: "Yeah, I guess so. But I can't shake this feeling like we've been here before."

Ash: "We're here." Finn, Jake, and Ash arrive at a giant hedge wall covered in thorny vines, with a steel gate entrance with a huge padlock.

Finn: "Wow, this place looks awesome!"

Ash: "Yep, this is the Witch's garden."

Jake: "Wait a second...Oh my gob Finn! This is that crazy witch's garden with all the donuts who took away my powers!"

Finn: "Hey, I think your right Jake!"

Jake: "I can't go in there Finn! That witch hates my stretchy guts!"

Finn: "I thought you apologized to her to get your powers back?"

Jake: "Haha, about that... after she gave me my powers back, I kinda knocked her off her cane and took one of her donuts."

Finn: "DUDE! She'll never help us now! She must hate us both!"

Jake: "Actually, I think her feelings toward you are neutral. But I know she hates me. I'm just gonna stay out here."

Finn: "No way Jake! You're the negotiator out of the two of us! We have to convince that witch to give us back Marcy's teddy bear, and you know I can't bargain worth beans. You even convinced Ash to come with us, even though there's no chance in the Nightosphere that Marceline will get back with him."

Ash: "I'm standing right here, you know."

Jake: "How about this. I'll shrink down into your backpack and I'll help you out if you need it."

Finn: "That's great!" Jake shrinks and hides in Finn's backpack.

Ash: "Are you idiots ready yet?"

Finn: "Yeah, I think so."

Ash: "Finally..." Ash reaches into his pocket and pulls out a key with a donut for the head.

Finn: "You have a key to this place?"

Ash: "Yeah, the Witch and I kinda go way back. Oh, and no promises on getting the doll back. The Witch can be a little... unpredictable at times." Ash unlocks the gate and Finn and Ash walk into the garden.

The Witch is there, and is talking to the donuts on her bush.

Witch: "There you go, my sweets. Every single one of those nasty bagel betrayers have met their just and untimely demises. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you. Don't betray mommy, and mommy won't kill you."


Witch: How many times do I have to tell you people! I'M NOT MARRIED!" The Witch turns around.

Witch: "Oh, it's you, Ashy. What would you like this time?"

Ash: "Actually, it's not me who wants you. It's him." Ash points to Finn.

Witch: "Oh." Rolls giant eye.

Witch: "It's you, with that jerk of a dog. What do you want?" The witch points her cane at Finn.

Finn: "Uhhh... Do you remember that teddy bear that Ash traded to you for that cherry blossom wand? Well, do you still have that?"

Witch: "Oh, yes, that toy from the vampire girl. That's quite the magical item, being the most favorite thing in the world for a 1000 year old immortal. Yeah, I've still got it. I've been saving it for the perfect potion." The Witch reaches into her cloak, pulls out various odd magical items, way too big to have ever fit in her cloak, and drops them on the ground. Finally, she pulls out Hambo.

Finn: "Yeah yeah yeah! That's it! Can I have it?"

Witch: "Haha! Not so fast! I'm going to need a trade of equal or greater value."

Finn: "Like what?"

Witch: "How about the head of your dog friend?" The Witch smiles creepily.

Finn: "What is with people and wanting me to decapitate Jake for magical items! Is his head really worth that much?"

Witch: "What? No. I just don't like the guy. Has someone else has asked for his head before?"

Finn: "Yeah."

Witch: Heh, sounds like when you go around being a jerk to people you make a few enemies… So, did you trade his head already, or do we have a deal?"

Finn: "What! NO! Why can't you just take back that wand that you gave Ash?"

Ash: "Hey! I'm not giving up my wand!"

Witch: "That wand wasn't worth that toy when I traded it to him. But Ash does have one thing that I'm interested in. HIS favorite thing in the world might actually be worth this old thing." The Witch holds up Hambo.

Ash: "What! No way! You are not taking it back!"

Witch: "I'm asking the boy, not you! Now SHUSH! I gave it you, and I can take it away. Besides, I'm sure it has grown stronger under you, and you've obviously grown quite attached to it."

Finn: "Wait, you traded something to the Witch before you traded her Marcy's teddy bear?"

Ash: "Yeah, once. I had to trade MY favorite thing in the world for it though. That's why I had to trade Marcy's doll for this wand." Jake's tiny head stretches up from Finn's backpack to Finn's head.

Jake: "Go ahead and make the trade. Ash is a jerk. He's probably lying and traded something from his last GF instead. Besides he probably traded for something stupid anyway."

Finn: (whispers) "Okay, I guess." Jake returns to the backpack. Finn looks uncertain of his decision, but says "Fine, I'll make the trade."

Witch: "You heard the boy! Give it back!"

Ash: "What! NO! I'm outta here." Ash pulls out his wand. "Ashicus Flyicus." Ash starts to fly away. The Witch points her cane into the air.

Witch: "Flyicus Nomoreicus!"Ash gets hit by the spell and face-plants into the ground. The witch continues, "I gave you your powers, and now it's time for me to take them back!"

Finn: "WHHHAAAAAATT! You got your magic from this witch?" Ash spits out dirt after his face-plant.

Ash: "How dumb are you? Didn't you realize that we use similar spells?" Ash turns and points his wand at the Witch. "Sleep." Ash's sleep spell flies through the air.

Witch: "Reflect." The spell flies back at Ash, and he narrowly ducks it. Jake, takes his head out of Finn's backpack again.

Jake: "Hey, it's getting pretty noisy out here. What's going on?" The sleep spell that Ash dodged flies right next to Finn and hits Jake. Jake's head starts to wave as he mumbles "weepy...sleepy...puppies...slip..slippers...footies..." Jake drifts off to sleep in Finn's backpack.

Ash: "Caticus Transformicus!" The spell flies through the air.

Witch: "Razzmafu!" Ash and the Witch instantaneously change places.

Ash: "Aw, bleep." Ash gets hit with his own spell, and turns into a tiny kitten.

Witch: "Hahaha! GLOAT! GLOAT! GLOAT!" The Witch walks over to the Ash-cat. The witch shakes her cane. "Well, say goodbye to your powers. "Magicus Nomoreicus." A blue ball of liquidy light comes out of Ash-cat's mouth, and Ash-cat now has a man-baby body. The Witch catches the ball in her hand. "Hm... weaker than I thought. I better take the wand too, for good measure." The Witch picks up the wand on the ground. Finn walks up behind the witch.

Finn: "I-I didn't know that you were going to take his magic!"

Witch: "Well, too bad, you made the deal. Oh, and here you go." The Witch tosses Finn Hambo.

Finn: "Wait, but, no! I won't let you take Ash's powers! He may not be a nice guy, but he doesn't deserve this!"

Witch: "Well, what are you going to do about it? When you make a deal with a witch, you have to live with the consequences of your..." The witch trails off while Finn is thinking of what to do. He gently kicks the Witch's cane, and she falls to the ground. She drops Ash's ball of magic, and Ash-cat pounces on it and swallows it. The man-baby body poofs away.

Ash-cat: "meowmeowmeow meowmeowmeow" Ash-cat flies away.

Witch: "You ungrateful child! I oughta-."

Finn: "I'm sorry Miss Witch, but I couldn't let you steal Ash's magic!

Witch: "I TOLD YOU! I'M NOT MARRIE- wait. You remembered?"

Finn: "Huh? Well, yeah. You've said that you weren't married, like, four times."

Witch: "Oh, aren't you sweet. No one ever listens to me. Go ahead and take the toy. Consider it a gift." The witch stands back up.

Finn: "Really?"

Witch: "Yeah, this wand is enough... for now."

Finn: "Oh, well, okay then." Finn turns to walk away.

Witch: "One more thing, sweety, don't ever come back." Finn looks back, confused, but shrugs. Finn turns and leaves the garden.

Finn and Jake are walking up to Marceline's house. In front of the house, Ash is waiting for them.

Ash: "Hey, I thought you losers were never going to show."

Finn: "Wait, how'd you change back to normal?"

Ash: "After I got my powers back, of course I had a spell to change myself back."

Jake: "Well, I guess that makes since." Finn, Jake, and Ash all look at Marceline's house.

Finn: "I wonder what Marceline has been doing since she went home last night?

Marceline is sitting on her bed, looking depressed, with a new bass in her hand, and sings the song Hambo (song is at the end of the episode).

Marceline: (sigh) "I feel a little better now." Marceline tosses the broken bass on a pile of broken basses next to her bed. There is a knock on the door. Marceline slowly stands up. "(sigh) Who could that be?" Marceline walks to the door and opens it. Ash is the first one she sees.

Ash: "Hey Marmar. Guess what I go-" Marceline punches Ash in the face. Ash yells, "AAAHHHHHH!" Ash leans over in pain.

Marceline: "What are YOU doing here!" Marceline sees Finn and Jake. "Wait, what are you guys doing with Ash?"

Jake: "Uhhhhh, I donno. He just kinda followed us here."

Finn: "We saw that you were upset earlier, so we asked for Ash's help to get this back." Finn reaches into his backpack and pulls out Hambo.

Marceline: "HAMBO!" Marceline grabs Hambo from Finn, pushing Finn down, and hugs Hambo. Finn stands back up. Marceline, still hugging Hambo, asks "How'd you find him!"

Finn: "We got Ash to help us find the witch that he sold it to, and we got it back from her."

Ash: "That's right Marmar, there's no way they could have gotten it back without MY help. So, what do you say? Care to go out tonight?" Marceline looks at Ash, smiles, and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Ash blushes and chuckles (as he does in his first appearance in Marceline's memory in "Memory of a Memory" when she kissed him)

Marceline: "That's for helping them to get Hambo back." Then Marceline proceeds in kicking Ash in the crotch.

Ash: "OOHHH..." Ash falls to the ground in pain.

Marceline: "And THAT'S for selling him in the FIRST PLACE!" Marceline walks over to Finn and Jake, and hugs them both in one big hug. After the hug, Marceline leans in and kisses Finn on the cheek. Finn blushes. "That's for being sweet." She then proceeds with slapping Finn in the face. "And that's for asking Ash for help. Marceline then leans in to kiss Jake. Jake flinches back. Marceline's eyebrow raises. "What was that for?"

Jake: "Oh, sorry. Haha. It's just that, every time you get that close to me, you turn into some giant monster and scare the fagebers out of me. Haha...ha..."

Marceline: "You don't say..." Marceline grows a sly smile, turns away from them, and crosses her arms. "Well, consider today special..."

Jake: "Whew, for a second there, I thought you were gonna-" Marceline turns back around with the face of a giant monster.


Jake screams like a girl. Jake: "EEEEEEEKKKKKKK!"

Marceline's head changes back to normal. Marceline: "HAHAHA! And THAT'S for being too easy!"

Finn: "Haha, she totally got you!"

Jake: "Yeah, whatever."

Finn: "So Marcy, you wanna go do something?" 

Marceline: "Yeah, sure. Just give me a sec." Marceline goes back into her house and shuts the door. She leans against the door and hugs Hambo tightly. A single tear rolls down her cheek.


Hambo (song)


I miss you so-o.

I remember the times that we have shared,

I remember the hardships we have beared.

I wish you'd come back to me from the past,

I'm sure that we would have such a blast.

I haven't seen you in so long,

but I'll say goodbye with one last song!

I yearn to see you again,

but I can't due to his cardinal sin.

It's your fault Ash,

you sold him for some cash.

Well, darling, it's your head that I want to BASH!



I HATE YOU (slams bass on ground)

I HATE YOU (slams bass on ground)

I HATE YOU (slams bass on ground)

I HATE YOU (slams bass on ground)

I HATE YOU (slams bass on ground)

I HATE YOU (slams bass on ground)

AND I WISH (slams bass on ground)

THIS BASS (slams bass on ground)

WAS (slams bass on ground)

YOUR (slams bass on ground)

NECK! (bass snaps in half)

The Apples (Part 1 of 3)Edit

The episode begins with Finn and Jake walking around the Candy Kingdom, and Finn sees a mysterious person wearing a mask, behind a building. Finn follows the person, and sees him go behind another building, but when Finn get's to where the person was, he (It's a he) is gone.

Finn and Jake are now in their bedroom, about to go to sleep, when Finn remembers what happened, and tells Jake about it. Jake's reaction is very odd. His eyes turn blank, his arms fall to his sides, and he falls on the ground, unconsious. Finn manages to wake him up, and Jake asks the question:

Jake: Was the mask red and sort of looks like a crystal thing?

Finn: Yeah...


Finn: No... I mean, I don't think so man.

Jake: *Sigh*. Finn... That is The Apples.

Finn: What? The Apples?

Jake: The Apples are a secret organization... An evil organization.

Finn: Oh... Can you tell me more?

Jake: We... We should just get to sleep man.

Finn: Um... OK.

Finn and Jake go to sleep. Finn wakes up in the middle of the night, and sees one of The Apples outside of the bedroom window. Finn lights a match and lights a candle quickly, but The Apple member has gone. Finn tries to wake Jake up, but he is not there. Finn starts to panic a little bit, but then hears a flushing of the toilet. Jake then walks into the bedroom and sees Finn awake. Jake asks:

Jake: What are you doin' man?

Finn: I... I saw one of The Apples outside the window.

Jake: Finn, buddy... You would have been just imagining things.

Finn: Yeah... Yeah, lets's just... Go back to sleep.

Finn and Jake go back to sleep, as rain starts to fall outside.

In the morning, while Finn, Jake and BMO are eating eggs and bacon, Finn asks where The Apples hide-out is. Jake answers:

Jake: *Sigh* You know when we went to see who stole TT's apples at that place where bad people hang out in the Candy Kingdom?

Finn: Yeah

Jake: Well, apparently their secret hide-out is there, but no-one has ever found it.

Finn wondered about that and said:

Finn: Hey, dude, what about Mr Pig? He knows everything about all kinds of apples!

Jake: Yeah, yeah man, that's a good idea.

So Finn and Jake go to Tree Trunks' house, expecting Pig to be there, and he is. They go in the the house and see Pig eating Tree Trunks' apple pie.

Tree Trunks: Oh my! Finn... And Jake! What are y'all doin' here in my little old house?

Finn: We're here to see Mr Pig.

Mr Pig: *'Moans in a happy way'* Okay, do we need to go outside?

Jake: Um... Yeah, yeah.

Mr Pig: Okay.

Finn, Jake and Mr Pig went outside and Finn asked:

Finn: *Seriously* Do you know about The Apples?

Mr Pig: The Apples?

'Finn': 'The Apples.

Mr Pig stopped. He turned his head about 45 degrees, and said slowly and crazily:

Mr Pig: I'm... Turning... Delusional... AHHHHH...

Mr Pig ran around in circles screaming, until he fell on the ground and stopped, but he had fainted. Tree Trunks came out of her house with apple pie on a platter, but when she saw Mr Pig on the ground, she dropped it, gaped, and asked Finn and Jake:

Tree Trunks: What in the apple pie's goin' on out here!?

Finn: I don't know! Mr Pig just screamed and fainted!

Tree Trunks immediately went inside and called the Banana Guards from the Candy Kingdom. They arrived, and took Mr Pig off to the Candy Kingdom hospital.

Finn and Jake are sitting at home, playing BMO, when Jake's phone rings. Jake pauses the game, and answers it. Finn says to put it on speaker mode, so he does. The person who rang had a deep, hoarse voice:

Mysterious person: Is this Finn and Jake's resindance?

Finn & Jake: Yeah...

Mysterious person: I hear your interested in The Apples. Go to the Candy Kindom Mental Hostital at 5:30 PM.

Finn: But-...

The phone was hung up. Finn told Jake to call the person back, to see which day he meant. But when they rang back up, the telephone's computer voice said:

Telephone: This number does not excist. Please try a different number.

Finn and Jake looked at each-other, wide-eyed and obviously a little freaked out.

But at 5:20, they headed off to the Candy Kingdom Mental Hospital, to see what would happen.

When they got there, they saw Dr Princess at the front desk, and she asked

Dr Princess: Ooh! Finn, Jake, what are you two doing here again?

Jake: We're here to... cheer up everyone!

Jake turns into a dolphin and tells a joke:

Jake: Whadd'ya get when you mix Ice-cream... with Pizza?!

Dr Princess: Um... Ice-cream-pizza?

Jake: (Awkwardly) No... Um... No, that's not... The answer (Clears throat)

Dr Princess: (Flatly) Right. (Cheerily) Well, doors that way!

Finn and Jake walk into the room where all the 'patients' are and find that Baby Snaps is telling a story about how Jake had helped him to become a Princess, and how he helped him.

Baby Snaps: (Gasps) Jake!

Jake: Princess Cookie!

Jake and Baby Snaps hugged, but in a manly way, and a loaf of bread with chocolate icing on top came up to Finn and said:

Bread: ''''Hiya

His voice was soft, really soft and he asked again:

Bread: Your Finn, right?

Finn answered:

Finn: Yeah, yeah.

Jake walked over to Finn and asked who the bread was. But as Jake asked, the bread exploded, and Dr Princess and some parimedics ran over to the scene. They gathered all the peices and took the into a room, and there was a sign on the door that said: Hospital room.

Finn and Jake walked around, to see if anyone they saw might know about The Apples. They came across a red velvet cupcake, that was tattoed all over his arms, and he had a mustache that looked really tough. Finn asked him:

Finn: Do you know about... The Apples?

The cupcake's mouth then drops wide open, and he went through a flashback of the dark side of the Candy Kingdom, and in the bathroom. He muttered:

Cupcake: Tavern... Dark side... Toilet... Explosion... Secret hide-out!

He then laughed hysterically and ran out the window, smashed it and kept on laughing crazily. Dr Princess and the medics came out again and ran after the cupcake. Dr Princess muttered under her breath:

Dr Princess: I frickin' hate this job.

Finn and Jake walked backwards slowly, and edged back out of the mental hospital, and then Finn jumped in the air, Jake turned huge and Finn landed on Jake's back. Finn and Jake went home, and thought out their plan.

Finn: Maybe we should get Flambo, to blow up the bathroom of that bad place!

Jake: You seriously think he was right? He's flippin' crazy, like, ''waaay mathed out.

Finn: Well... Yeah man, but it's the best we can do.

Jake: *Sighs* Alright man, but how are we gonna do this biz?

Finn: Easy! We'll go to the Fire Kingdom, get Flambo, take him to that place, get him to light the bathroom on fire, boom boom, and the secret hide-out!

Jake: Okay man. Let's do this!

Finn and Jake ran to the Fire Kingdom, but they were in bad luck...

Jake: Aww, Finn! It's too late!

Finn: It's never too late. We can do this!

Jake: No man, I mean it's dinner time, we're gonna have to do it tommorow.

Finn: Oh, okay man, but tommorow we're gonna tackle this biz!

Jake: Yeah but that's tommorow, now ''it's DINNER TIME!

The Adventure Time logo comes up on screen, but instead of 'Adventure Time', it's 'Dinner Time'.

Finn and Jake are in the bedroom, and it's the middle of the night. It zooms in on Finn, and goes into his dream. It is of an Apple member, walking up to a cornered human, with a knife. He wakes up abruptly and breathes heavily. He ignores it, and goes back to sleep.

The next morning, Finn wakes up, and sees Jake still sleeping.

Finn: JAKE! It's time to wake up!

Jake: (Groggily) Nah man... It's Lady Rainicorn...


Jake: Ahhhh!

Jake literally jumped out of his bed, waving his arms all over the place.

Finn: ... It's time.

Finn and Jake head to the Fire Kingdom, on one of the biggest adventures of their lives. Finn jumps on Jake's back, and he runs full speed towards The Fire Kingdom. When they get there, Finn enters, and sees Flame Princess sitting down on a chair.

Flame Princess: Finn!!!

Finn: Hey.

Flame Princess runs up to Finn, and hugs him. But Finn didn't feel any pain.

Finn: We're here to see Flambo

As soon as Finn says that, Jake walks in. Flambo runs to Finn and Jake.

Flambo: Yeah. What do ya's need me for?

Finn: An adventure.

Flambo: Yeah, okay's.

Finn, Jake and Flambo run outside. Jake then turns huge, grabs Finn and Flambo, and puts them on his back. Finn says:

Finn: What time is it?

Jake and Flambo: Adventure Time!

Part 1 end.

To be continued... 2000 - The futuristic sound of Balloon Music (talk) 06:38, October 1, 2012 (UTC)

Marsh and Marshall Lee

The Ice Queen has found a spell book of ice magic in the discount bin of a yard sale, and uses it's power to freeze Hot dog Prince, Slime Prince, and Prince Gumball. This magical ice can't be broken by being kicked apart. Only the spell book can undi ice queen's curse. now it's up to Marsh, Fionna, Cake, and Marshall Lee to break in and save the men in their cold distress.

Marsh and Marshall stand outside the Ice fortress.

Marsh: Come on, Marshall. We've gotta find out how to break Ice Queen's spells.

Marshall Lee: How are we gonna get her to talk?

Marsh: Simple. We'll just kick her butt until she tells us what we wanna know.

Marshall lee: I'm cool with it.

Both walk into the ice fortress and are stopped by a penguin standing guard.

Penguin: Wenk wenk

Marshall Lee: What do you mean princes only?!

Marsh: Step aside! We have buisness with the Ice Queen.

Penguin: Wenk wenk wenk wenk.

Marshall Lee: Ow. Hey! He's pinching me, dude!

Marsh: Grod! That hurts! Glob this. We'll find another way in.

Marsh and Marshall walk outside and see female starchy. Three letters were on the floor. Marsh picks one up.

Marsh: It's a letter.

Female Starchy: The grave digging buisness just isn't what it used to be. Ooops, I think I dropped a few.

Marsh: Don't worry. We'll get them for you.

Marshall Lee picks up another letter.

Marshall Lee: This one smells like perfume.

Marsh: Gross!

Marsh picks up the final letter.

Marshall Lee: Hmmm. This handwriting looks familiar.

They head back to Starchy.

Marsh: Here you go.

Marsh hands all three letters to starchy.

Female Starchy: Thank you, Marsh. It's awfully kind of you. You're good. A little too good, if you ask me. I'm making you honorary diliverary men. Take Starchy's hat.

Female Starchy gives them her postman hat.

Marshall Lee: Frickin' awesome!

Marsh: What's with all the letters?

Female Starchy: The Ice Queen has been writing to every prince in Aaa.

Marshall Lee: She's trying to get a mail order husband? That's a new low, even for the Ice Queen.

Female Starchy: So far, none of them had replied back.

Marsh: That gives me an idea.

Marshall Lee: Send away for our own mail order brides?

Marsh: What? NO! We'll build a big hallow prince and hide inside of it so we can sneak into the Ice Queen's castle.

Marshall Lee: We're going to need to pick up a few things first.

Marshall Lee fly them all the way to the grass land. They run into Female Choose Goose.

Female Choose Goose: I am Choose Goose. Would you like some juice?

Marsh: No thanks, Choose Goose. We're trying to build a big hallow prince.

Female Choose goose: To get that prince look down, you'll need a magic crown.

Marsh; We'll take it! Will you trade for some trail mix?

Female Choose goose: Cashew nuts make me barf. What I really need is a new scarf.

Marshall Lee and Marsh continue, they see a why-wolf wearing sheep clothing.

Why-wolf: You wouldn't happen to be sheep by any chance, would you?

Marshall Lee: Hey! I'm the vampire king!

Why-wolf: Sorry about that. I've been lurking around her for days waiting for sheep to show up.

Marshall Lee: You might wanna consider a different career path.

Why-wolf: I'd love to travel. You know, meet new people.

Marsh giving the postman hat to the why-wolf: Soundslike you'll make a good delivery man.

Why-wolf: That's perfect! Here, have my sheep clothing. I won't need it anymore.

The why-wolf gives Marsh his sheep clothing before leaving. The duo then meet Male Tree Trunks

Marsh: Hey, Tree Trunks. Do you have a scarf we can borrow?

Male Tree Trunks: Sorry, Marsh. However, I can knit you one if you bring me some wool.

Marsh hands Male Tree Trunks the sheep clothing they got from the why-wolf.

Male Tree Trunks: Thank you, Marsh. Now, if only I had some knitting needles.

The come across some Hot Dog Knights.

Marshall Lee: hey hot dog knights. What are you doing here?

Hot dog Knights: The Ice Queen froze Hot Dog Prince. We're on our way to the ice Kingdom to find away to break the spell.

Marsh: We know. And we're working on a plan to save all the princes.

Hot Dog Knights: Really? Oh, man. That's a relief. I guess we're off the hook now.

Hot dog knight one to hot dog knight two: Come on, let's go to the movies before these guys change their minds.

Hot dog knight: Watch our stuff would ya? They won't let any outside food or weapons in the theater.

The Hot Dog Knights hand to Marsh their jousting lances before leaving.

They head back to Male Tree Trunks. Marsh hands him the jousting lances.

Male Tree trunks: These will do. After knitting it: I made this scarf with love- for you Marsh.

Marsh: Ummm... uh,thanks, Tree Trunks.

Male Tree Trunks gives Marsh the scarf. Marshall Lee looks at the tree.

Marshall lee: I'm just gonna take a nap under this tree.

Marsh: Marshall, no! Those princes needour help, dude!

Marsh looks up at the ball shaped clouds.

Marsh: Those clouds up there look like balls.

Marshall Lee: Don't you mean Bubba? Heh heh heh.

Marsh: I have no idea what you're talking about.

The duo head back to Female Choose goose.

Female Choose Goose: this scarf fits my neck like a glove. Clearly, it was made with love.

Marshall Lee: A little too much love, if you ask me.

Female Choose Goose: A deal is a deal, don't ya know. Take the enchanted crown and go.

Marsh: Let's get to the tree house and build that prince!

Female Choose Goose gives them a prince crown.

Marshall Lee flies them to Fionna and Cake's tree house.

Marsh: We've gotta crown. Now, we need a head to put it on.

Marshall lee: But what about Fionna and Cake?

Marsh: They're not here.

Marshall Lee: You know, real princes usually feel handsome attached to them.

Marsh: Nothin' says "head" like a bucket. Let's find one!

Both look down the well.

Marsh: Hey, look, there's a bucket filled with water down there.

Marshall Lee: That's our prince head. We need something to pull it up.

They enter the tree fort. they look at a dead plant.

Marshall Lee: Dude, that plant looks like it hasen't been planted in ages.

They then find a air freshener.

Marshall Lee: It smells like happiness.

Marsh looks at the couch.

Marshall Lee: No time to rest, son.

They come across a crank.

Marshall Lee: Looks like an old crank.

They come across a ketchup and mustard bottles.

Marsh: Ketchup and mustard. Goes great with every meal.

Marshall Lee: And also looks good on a painting.

both walk over too a garbage can.

Marshall Lee: Man, that trash stinks! There is NO WAY I'm hidin' in there!

Marsh: You're right. Let's get rid of that stank.

They run back to the well. They add the crank and pull up a bucket full of water.

Marsh: Looks like a prince head to me!

Marshall Lee: What's next?

Marsh: He's gonna need hair.

Marshall Lee: Well, neither we or fionna and cake has a wig so we need to find something better.

They climb up to the boat on the roof. Marsh looks through the telescope. Marshall Lee looks through it.

Marshall Lee: Why is this telescope pointing towards Prince Gumball's castle?

Marsh;, no reason! Heh heh.

They climb back down and see the plant. They give it water.

Marsh; This plant is back from the dead. And it's leaves would make great prince hair.

Marshall Lee: We got the head with a crown and some nice hair. Now he needs a face.

They run back to the kitchen and see the bottles from before.

Marshall Lee: I bet we could use these to draw her face. Let me show you my ketchup painting skills.

Marshall Lee paints on a prince face.

Marsh: He looks great now.

Marshall Lee: I improved since the mayo stage.

Marsh: Next, we need the body. It has to be big enough so both of us can fit inside.

Marsh looks over to the trash can. Marshall Lee puts the air freshener inside.

Marshall Lee: I guess pine fresh garbage is better than regular garbage.

Marsh: We just need a suit and then we're all set.

Marshall Lee sleepy: But can't we at least rest?

Marsh: Fine. Marshall lee flies them back to their house. Once they fall asleep upstairs, Fionna ana cake come inside.

Fionna: No one's home.

Cake: Let's get outta here.

Fionna: I'm sure Marshall and Marsh won't mind if we borrow some clothes.

Cake: But we don't even have a prince!

Fionna: But there's one right there.

Fionna looks at the prince Marshall Lee and Marsh made. They enter the kitchen. They pick up a drop ball.

Fionna: i don't wanna know where this has been.

They find Marshall Lee's coat.

Finn and Slendy