Season 1

Picture Name Episode Number Description
Adventure Time
Adventure Time 1 Finn and Jake go on an adventure where they have to save Princess Bubblegum from the Ice King.
Titlecard S1E1 slumberpartypanic Slumber Party Panic 2 When Princess Bubblegum's experiment fails and leads to a zombie infestation, the zombies head towards the Candy Kingdom. Now it's up to Finn to fix it.
Titlecard S1E2 troubleinlumpyspace Trouble in Lumpy Space 3

Jake is accidentally bitten by Lumpy Space Princess, who infects Jake with The Lumps. Now Finn has to travel with them to Lumpy Space to find the antidote for Jake.

Titlecard S1E3 prisonersoflove Prisoners of Love 4 Finin and Jake get captured by the Ice King and thrown into his prison along with many other princesses.
830px-Titlecard S1E7 ricardiotheheartguy Ricardio the Heart Guy 5 Finn and Jake go to a party in the Candy Kingdom. But Finn notices Ricardio the Heart Guy, a random heart that appeared at the Kingdom, is with Princess Bubblegum. Out of jealousy (though Finn says it was out of weirdness), Finn tries to prove that Ricardio is evil while Jake is trying to prove he is good.
830px-Titlecard S1E5 theenchiridion The Enchiridion! 6 Finn and Jake are given a quest by Princess Bubblegum to journey to Mount Cragdor and find the book "The Enchiridion (book)".
Titlecard S1E23 rainydaydaydream Rainy Day Daydream 7 Stuck inside their home from a Knife Storm, Jake uses the power of imagination to amuse himself, but he creates problems for himself and Finn to solve.
Titlecard S1E20 freakcity Freak City 8 After Finn gets cursed by the Magic Man and is turned into a giant foot, Jake and himself try to find out how Finn could use his new body for good, which ends up in them meeting others that have been cursed by the Magic Man.
Titlecard S2E3 loyaltytotheking Loyalty to the King 9 When Ice King gets a new look by shaving off his beard, his name is mistaken as the name "Nice King", but then disguises himself as The Nice King, just to find a Princess to love.
Titlecard S1E4 treetrunks Tree Trunks 10 FinnJake, and Tree Trunks embark on an adventure to find the legendary Crystal Gem Apple.
Titlecard S1E6 thejiggler The Jiggler 11 Finn and Jake befriend a small, double-orb like creature and named it The Jiggler. They have fun, but then problems come about. The Jiggler begins squirting pink stuff and Finn and Jake must fix The Jiggler.
Titlecard S1E17 whenweddingbellsthaw When Wedding Bells Thaw 12 Ice King has found a bride who wants to marry him, but he needs help from Finn and Jake to figure out if he really wants to be married and what the true meaning of marriage is.
Titlecard S1E9 mytwofavoritepeople My Two Favorite People 13 Jake is having a hard time trying to be with both Finn and Lady Rainicorn, so he trys to spend time with both at once. But this backfires on Jake.
Titlecard S1E10 memoriesofboomboommountain Memories of Boom Boom Mountain 14 Finn and Jake must solve the multiple problems of different people, after Finn remembers a scarring memory of him boom-booming on a leaf.
Titlecard S1E11 wizard Wizard 15 When Finn and Jake accepted an offer from Reaper for wizard training, they set out to get their own "big star," and become true wizards, but when Finn finally gets his big star, BUFO makes him protect the Wizard Academy unwillingly.
830px-Titlecard S1E12 evicted Evicted! 16 After being kicked out of their house by Marceline The Vampire Queen, Finn and Jake try to find a new home.
Titlecard S1E13 cityofthieves City of Thieves 17 Finn and Jake see and head toward a strange looking turlte-shell called the City Of Thieves, even though they are warned not to go into it. After meeting a little girl named Penny, they go into the city to find Penny's flower basket, but Penny twisted the plan about her stolen flower basket.
Titlecard S1E14 thewitchsgarden The Witch's Garden 18 After Jake loses his powers, and Finn is captured, and Jake must apologize to the Witch that took his powers to get them back.
Titlecard S1E15 whatislife What is Life? 19 To help pull a prank on Jake when Finn was pranked by Jake with a bag of Butter, Finn creates NEPTR but when created, it turns out NEPTR wasn't fully functional, so Finn needed more power. After taking some from Ice King, problems come and NEPTR must solve them.
Titlecard S1E16 oceanoffear Ocean of Fear 20

Finn and Jake were chasing a Newt for stealing a pair of boots. Making rhymes about the Newt, Jake followed the the Newt into the ocean. Finn, on the other hand, was about to do the same, but hesitated by the look of the water.

Titlecard S1E8 businesstime Business Time 21 While unfreezing icebergs, Finn and Jake find four Business Men who are willing to serve them. But the Business Men might have some alternative ideas on being a hero.
Titlecard S1E18 dungeon Dungeon 22 Finn descends into a dungeon in hopes of finding adventure, but ultimately finding various obstacles that better fit being handled by Jake than himself alone.
Titlecard S1E19 theduke The Duke 23 Finn accidentally hit a magical bottle to Princess Bubblegum, causing her skin to change in color from pink to green, while she lose her bubblegum hair. She blames the Duke of Nuts on her appearance but she only dislikes him for always eating all her royal pudding. Finn goes along with Princess Bubblegum because she said she would never forgive the person who did that to her. Now Finn must find him and tell the truth in order to make things right.
Titlecard S1E22 shenchman Henchman 24 After becoming her henchman, Finn must obey Marceline's every order. Jake tries to save him, but all is not as it seems.
Titlecard S1E24 whathaveyoudone What Have You Done? 25 After Princess Bubblegum tell to Finn and Jake capture the Ice King, they are confused with why they have to capture him.
Titlecard S1E25 hishero His Hero 26 After meeting their hero, Billy, Finn and Jake become non-violent, but instead of helping people, they cause even more problems.

Season 2

Pic Name Number Description
830px-Titlecard S1E26 gutgrinder Gut Grinder


Finn and Jake find out about a monster called The Gut Grinder. But Jake begins to think he is The Gut Grinder because all of its traces match Jake's appearance. This leads to Jake really thinking he is a monster, and disaster happens.
Titlecard S2E1 itcamefromthenightosphere It Came from the Nightosphere 27 Finn releases Marceline'sdad from the Nightosphere in order to fix their broken relationship, but soon finds out that he is the Lord of Evil and has to stop him from going on a soul-sucking rampage.
Titlecard S2E2 theeyes The Eyes 28 After a week of adventuring, Finn and Jake decided to take a rest, but a staring horse outside their house keeps on disturbing them. Now they must find a way to stop the horse.
Titlecard S2E4 bloodundertheskin Blood Under the Skin 30 Finn tries to get totally *click-click* armor, but must pass many embarrassing trials first.
Titlecard S2E5 storytelling Storytelling 31 Jake is sick and the only thing that can make him better is a real story that consists of romance, action, suspense, and a happy ending. Finn then goes on an adventure in a forest to get such a story, but he may face problems when trying to find such a story.
Titlecard S2E6 slowlove Slow Love 32 Finn and Jake must help Snorlock find a snail to mate with, otherwise Snorlock will destroy their Tree Fort.
Titlecard S2E7 poweranimal Power Animal 33 After Finn and Jake have a party, Finn oddly goes missing the next day. Jake has to solve the crime and find Finn, but can't focus enough to do it.
CHP Crystals Have Power 34 After Jake takes it too far when wrestling with Finn, he vows to be in control, but problems arise when Finn is kidnapped and taken into the Crystal Dimension.
Titlecard S2E9 theothertarts The Other Tarts 35 Finn and Jake must deliver tarts to a Back Rubbing Ceremony, but all goes wrong when they decide to take the dangerous path.
Titlecard S2E10 tocutawomanshair To Cut A Woman's Hair 36 Finn must find some Princess Hair to save Jake from the Tree Witch's bottomless bottom.
Titlecard S2E11 thechamberoffrozenblades The Chamber of Frozen Blades 37 Finn and Jake stakeout the Ice Kingdom to find proof that Ice King has stolen another "princess".
Titlecard S2E12 herparents Her Parents 38 Jake must impress Lady Rainicorn's parents, Bob and Ethel, to gain their trust in going out with their daughter. Along with Finn's help he is able to accomplish that.
Titlecard S2E13 thepods The Pods 39 Finn and Jake plant magic beans so they can destroy the evil one, but all goes wrong when they don't know which one is evil.
1000px-Titlecard S2E14 thesilentking The Silent King 40 After Finn and Jake defeat the leader of the Goblin Kingdom, they assume the throne. But being king may be different then expected.
Titlecard S2E15 therealyou The Real You 41 After Princess Bubblegum offers Finn to speak in her "Science Barbeque" when he saves the grill from burning down the stage, he must find a way to become smart to give his presentation.
Guardians of Sunshine Title Card Guardians of Sunshine 42 After Finn and Jake continuosly lose at a game, the sneak into BMO's main brain game frame to beat it manually.
1000px-Titlecard S2E17 deathinbloom Death in Bloom 43 Finn and Jake must retrieve the soul of the Princess Plant that Princess Bubblegum gave them, from Death in the Land of the Dead.
Susan Strong Susan Strong 44 Finn and Jake find a woman named Susan Strong, and must teach her about the joy of being above ground, but all goes wrong when she is addicted to candy, and tries to eat the Candy Kingdom.
Titlecard S2E19 mysterytrain Mystery Train 45 While on a train ride to Finn's birthday present, Finn and Jake must solve a murder mystery.
Titlecard S2E20 gowithme Go With Me 46 Finn wants to ask out Princess Bubblegum for Couple's Movie Night, so Jake and Marceline give him advice so he can convince her go with him.
Belly of the Beast Belly of the Beast 47 Finn and Jake must rescue a bunch of bears, lead by their leader, Party Pat, from a Monster's stomach.
Titlecard S2E22 thelimit The Limit 48 On a mission to save knights of Hot Dog Princess, Finn and Jake go inside a massive maze where wishes can be granted and where Jake's Stretchy Powers are pushed to their limits.
830px-Titlecard S2E23 videomakers Video Makers 49 After realizing that they're showing movies illegally, Finn and Jake must make a new one, but they have some different ideas of what to make.
Heat Signature Title Card Heat Signature 50 Finn and Jake try to become vampires, but it ends up Marceline is pranking them. Unfortunately, all goes wrong when her friends Wendy, Booboo and Georgy take it too far.
Mortal Folly Title Card Mortal Folly 51 After Princess Bubblegum has a vision, she sends Finn and Jake on a quest to defeat The Lich. But then some changes happen during the quest.
Mortal Recoil Title Card Mortal Recoil 52 After the tragic events in "Mortal Folly", Finn, Jake, and Ice King must defeat the now Lich-Possessed Princess Bubblegum.

Season 3

Picture Name Number Description
Titlecard S3E1 conquestofcuteness Conquest of Cuteness 53 The Cutie Clan, who are ruled by Cute King, plans on attacking Finn and Jake. They think that killing Finn and Jake will make people take them more seriously, rather than people thinking they're just really cute.
Morituri Te Salutamus Morituri Te Salutamus 54

Finn and Jake must defeat the Fight King's Gladiator Ghosts, but all goes wrong when Finn becomes mind-controlled by Fight King.

Memory of A Memory Title Card Memory of A Memory 55 Finn and Jake must wake up Marceline from a sleep spell by entering her memories and finding the memory core, but all is not as it seems.
Hitman Hitman 56 Ice King hires a Hitman named Scorcher to hit Finn and Jake, but all goes wrong when Scorcher tries to kill them instead.
Titlecard S3E6 themonster The Monster 58 The King and Queen of Lumpy Space ask Finn and Jake to bring their daughter back home. At the same time, they attempt to stop a monster from destroying a village.
Too Young Title Card Too Young 57 After the Earl of Lemongrab usurps the throne of the Candy Kingdom, Finn and Princess Bubblegum (while 13) attempt to get rid of him.
830px-Titlecard S3E8 wizardbattle Wizard Battle 60 Finn and Jake are at an event called Wizard Battle where the wizards of Ooo come to fight to claim a prize. When Finn finds out the prize is a kiss from Princess Bubblegum and that Ice King cheating his way to victory, Finn decides to enter the competition to stop him.
1000px-Titlecard S3E9 fionnaandcake Fionna and Cake 61 A female hero named Fionna with her best friend Cake help out Prince Gumball prepare for his ball until the Ice Queen attacks.
Still Still 59 Ice King has frozen Finn and Jake to have some quality time, but the two say otherwise.
What Was Missing What Was Missing 62 After their belongings are stolen by a Door Lord, Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and BMO must open a door that will only open to a genuine band.
1000px-Titlecard S3E11 applethief Apple Thief 63
The Creeps Title Card The Creeps 64
From Bad To Worse From Bad to Worse 65
Beautopia Beautopia 66
No One Can Hear You No One Can Hear You 67
Jake vs. Me-Mow Jake vs. Me-Mow 68
Thank You title card Thank You 69
The New Frontier Title Card The New Frontier 70
Holly Jolly Secrets Part 1 Holly Jolly Secrets Part 1 71
Holly Jolly Secrets Part 2 Holly Jolly Secrets Part 2 72
1000px-Titlecard S3E21 marcelinescloset Marceline's Closet 73
Paper Pete Paper Pete 74
Another Way Another Way 75
Ghost Princess Title Card Ghost Princess 76
Dad's Dungeon Title Card Dad's Dungeon 77
Incendium Incendium 78

Season 4

Picture Name Number Description
1000px-Titlecard S4E1 hottothetouch Hot To The Touch 79
1000px-Titlecard S4E2 fiveshortgraybles Five Short Graybles 80
1000px-Titlecard S4E3 webweirdos Web Weirdos 81
Dream of Love title card Dream of Love 82
1000px-Titlecard S4E7 inyourfootsteps In Your Footsteps 83
1000px-Burning Low title card Burning Low 84
1000px-Titlecard S4E5 returntothenightosphere Return to the Nightosphere 85
1000px-Titlecard S4E6 daddyslittlemonster Daddy's Little Monster 86
Hug Wolf Title Card Hug Wolf 87
Ignition Point title card Ignition Point 88
Titlecard S4E10 goliad Goliad 89
1000px-Titlecard S4E11 beyondthisearthlyrealm Beyond This Earthly Realm 90
1000px-Titlecard S4E12 Gotcha Gotcha! 91
779px-Titlecard S4E9 princessmonsterwife Princess Monster Wife 88
Vault of Bones
Vault of Bones 96
1000px-Titlecard S4E13 Princess Cookie Princess Cookie 92
Card Wars Title Card Card Wars 92
1000px-Sons of Mars title card Sons of Mars 93
B-Mo Noire Title Card BMO Noire 95
1000px-7754031514 445cdf043b b King Worm 96
Lady and Peebles Lady & Peebles 97
You Made Me! You Made Me! 98
Who Would Win Who Would Win? 99
The Hard Easy Title Card The Hard Easy 100
Reign of Gunters title card Reign Of Gunters 101
1000px-I remember you title card I Remember You 102
The Lich Title Card The Lich 103

Season 5

Picture Name Number Description
Finn the Human title card Finn The Human 105
Jakethedog Jake The Dog 106
Five More Short Graybles title card Five More Short Graybles 107 Cuber returns again from the episode Five Short Graybles, to tell us five more stories that all have something to do with each other. Finn and Jake stick their thumbs in everything they see, Ice King gets married to his foot, Tree Trunks thinks that a statue is flicking her off, Marceline rides a giant's finger to the music store, and BMO tries to teach Football how to drink tea fancily.
Up a Tree Up a Tree 108 Finn gets his frisbee stuck in a tree and goes off on a little fiasco to retrive it. Meanwhile, Jake sits around like a lazy bum while Lady is trying to deal with being pregnant.
All the Little People title card All The Little People 109 Magic Man curses Funn by giving him a little sack of toys which are miniature versions of himself and all of the other people in the land of OOO.
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