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Heroes Collide (1 hour special)Edit

(Part 1) Finn and Jake explore the land of Ooo while they run into Fionna and Cake, Finn and Fionna fall in love with each other while Jake and Cake stiff each other's butt, (basically it's a joke, but that's how animals Get along with each other.) Meanwhile, Ice King plans another evil plan of how to get rid of the heros. Then ice queen bumps into Ice king, Meanwhile, the BOY heroes shows the GIRL heroes through the land of Ooo, like Introducing to Princess bubblegum, meeting the candy people, and a lot of more stuff, 

(part two storyline coming soon) Ooo's True Hero The strongest among a society arent usually the ones wearing the crown...

Someone new is interested in Princess Bubblegum, and when she turns him down, he kidnaps her and makes her the prize of a war game. Whoever is the last one standing gets jurisdiction of what happens to PB, and she asks the guys for their help. Finn and Jake devise a plan to rescue her by going for her directly, rather than beng in the war games. It works, but Jake is presumed to have died. This enrages Finn, who yells at PB focusing mainly on "why do I always have to save you," and "why do you cause so much trouble" ( the zombie apocolypses, goliad, and getting kidnapped all the time). Finn decides he could really use a vacation.

Finn takes FP, Jake and Lady Rainicorn along on vacation. While they are gone, PB considers what Finn said, and decides to get some heavy duty gaurds. At the first sign of trouble, however, they turn coward and run. (A suggestion would be the new guy who liked PB comes back with an army). By the time Finn gets home, the kingdom is in ruin. Looks like its time to save the day.... AGAIN...

J. S. Rush

The Archive of gamingEdit

this episode begins with Finn and Jake hunting down BMO when he's nowhere to be seen but eventully find him in the backyard coming out of a very big hole. Jake asks Finn why he just came out of the hole? then Finn shrugs. BMO then looks around and then leaves which then Finn & Jake go to the hole and then jump down it. it takes a very long time for them to fall all the way down. They then hit a large door with the sign of BMO on it. Jake looks up at it and is gobsmacked at what he is seeing. They decide to open the door but a eye machine thing.. asks them to enter the code..... they think for some time. they first do BMO but that fails. they try other ones but fail but then they hear a person coming down the hall so they decide to hide behind a rock. BMO comes through and the computer asks the password and BMO says: "Billy, Michal, Oshawa.. the door opens to show a Giant masion of games and books. Finn and Jake are shocked and run staight through the door to discover all the games that they've been playing like conversation parade, wizard tower and many others. They decide to skip these to go to the books which shows the history of nearly everything and show a Book called B.M.O working manual. then right next that book was a larger one which was called:tales and legends of Earth: the radioactive planet. and then gos to a to be continued.....

Finn finds his lost brotherEdit

Somehow PB told Finn that he was not the only human in Ooo, but he had a brother named Leonard, a 17 year old with shoulder length brown hair. So Finn and Jake go on the hunt of Finn's older brother.

Goliad returnsEdit

Somehow Goliad beats Stormo in a psychic battle and wants to take over the candy kingdom but PB won't let that happen. So PB gave Finn and Jake a necklace that gives them psychic powers to beat Goliad and restore Stormo.


when PB finds someone that will change life in Ooo forever,espially Finn's human status.i found her buried deep in the ground frozen,finn .that girl is named lay-anie and she claims to be the princess of the human's but jake has a hard time beliving her.

Finn and FionnaEdit

Finn and Jake discovers the Land of Aaa next to the Land of Ooo and try to search for people. They meet Fionna and Cake killing monsters.Fionna realizes that Finn has a crush on her. Soon, everyone discovers the Land of Aaa and meet their gender-swapped characters. After the Ice King meets the Ice Queen, they try to defeat Finn, Fionna, Jake and Cake. Soon, Finn bonds a relationship with Fionna and PB and FP become jealous of him. EPISODE ENDS.

Finn and Fionna (Part 2)Edit

Flame Princess finds out there's a Flame Prince and Princess Bubblgum finds out there's a Prince Gumball they all end up finding theirselves love so they have a super large party and everybody thinks that they should form a comic book so they do and find out they got ritch because of the payments to buy the comics. EPISODE ENDS.

The Lady And The Vamp (No pun intended)Edit

Lady Rainicorn And Marceline fly though the skies of Ooo turning things red and then sucking the red out.

The Princess FriedEdit

Toast Princess woke up with a headake. "Ohhh," A sea of syrup was behind her. "She's awake! Like we reherced." In front of Toast Princess were three men, a living sword, a rock golem and a small green man. "Good to see your awake, Princess." The Green Man smiled. "As you can see, we kinappedyou, are going to toast you and start a random war with some random kingdom." "Actully," Toast Princess remarked." I didn't know any of that." The Green man stopped smiling. "Oh, well it doesn't matter! It's to late for you. Nobody knows where you are!" TP looked behind her. "What about them?" She asked. The Green Man ran to the other side of the boat. "What?!" A tiny yellow fishing boat was behind them. "That is absolutly, positively STUPID! No matter, we're already at the volcano there is no way they can get up that!" The left the boat and the golem hoisted them up to the top. "See," Green man said."nobody could survive that!" Suddenly, a long-legged dog and a bot in an awesome hat popped up. Toast Princesses' eyes widened. "FINN, JAKE!!" The sword and the golem stepped foward.Finn yelled, "Get outta our way and hand over Toast Princess you butts!". "Not so fast," said the sword and golem. "First you have to get through us!" TO BE CONTINUED

The Big FightEdit

marceline,flame princess,princess bubblgum,and fionna all fight for finns love but right wen one of them is about to win ice king wakes up and stars writting it down Luckywolf14 23:44, July 8, 2012 (UTC)luckywolf14Luckywolf1423:44, July 8, 2012 (UTC)

The Second Human, RJEdit


One day, in the world known as Earth, a boy called Rj was watching TV and drawing. While he was drawing, he drew a picture of a portal, but this boy was special. He didn't know it, but he was a pictomancer, and when he drew stuff, things are created in either Ooo or Earth. This was the first time he made something coming to Earth. So he jumped into the portal and brought his drawing things.

Finn's POV

(Note: This happens after FP hugs Finn)

This. Sucked. Why can't I just like a girl without being rejected? Finn just went home, where there was a HUGE suprise for them.


The portal led to Ooo, and more specific, Finn's home. "AHHHH! MONSTER!" cried BMO. "No no no! I'm not a monster! I'm a human!" said RJ. "SAY WHUT?" exclaimed BMO. "Uh, yeah, I'm a human, what's wrong?"

Finn's POV

Finn came into the tree house, and encountered RJ. "SAY WHAT!" exclaimed Finn. "BMO I TOLD YOU TO NOT LET ANYONE IN!" "Oh, that's the little computer's name?" said RJ. "Yeah, what are you?"said Finn. "Well, I'm a human, and I came here in a portal." said RJ "Ok, say what?" said Finn "I told you I'm a human." said RJ. "Well I'm human too." said Finn.


"Well, I think we should be friends since we're the only humans in Ooo" said RJ. "Heck yeah!" said Finn."I've kinda had my heart broken today though." "SAY WHAT?" said RJ. "I found out a girl who I really like is in trouble and I'm asking you for your help." said Finn.

Finn's POV

"Well, OK. But you have to help me with my problem later." said RJ. "OK." said Finn. "Off to Choose Goose, then Fire Kingdom!" exclaimed Finn. "SAY WHAT?!?!" yelled RJ. "That's why we're going to Choose Goose, to get flame rings, which prevent fire from hurting you." said Finn. "Oh." said RJ.


This really sucked. When a prince came to woo me, he said he didn't like me. then he said he liked me, then he chased me, and finally I found out he's Water Elemental! I HATE MY FRICKIN SCREWED UP LIFE!

Amber's POV (Amber is a girl on Earth. More info l8r, but she's the cause of RJ's problem.:D)

Why was I kidnapped? I guess I have to wait for someone to help me.

Finn's POV

"CG, do you have 2 flame rings?" asked RJ. "Yes, but it will cost you something AMAZING!" answered Choose Goose. "Well, I can give you my best drawing." said Rj. "Not enough. A shining crimson sword will do." said CG. "I can make that." Rj drew a crimson sword and gave it to CG. "Perfect." TBC