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o===An episode where Finn in PB's castle find a map.Following the map he found an island far away and he find more human survivors.They tell about more of the great war and they tell him that the survivors started to fight with eachother for resources.The finishing should end with Finn return back to Ooo but the survivors followed him secretly and take over a part of the land and a new nemesis will born and a fight will start begin humans and the Candy Kingdom and Finn must choose which side he will take

Ideas for episodes:

  • Marceline encounters a super human, named Jerry, around her age who was born in a secret lab which can be found under Princess Bubblegum's castle presently and it was used by humans before. Marceline and Jerry befriend each other with a lot of interest towards each other like music in guitar, singing and bit of love romance wooing each otherss feelings and past events. This all happened when Marceline got abandoned from Simon after 12 years, They try to save Simon's mind from turning into the Ice King completely.
  • In a parallel world of Ooo, aka Earth, in the year 3000, technology and science has advanced greatly that a group of scientists and engineers created a metal planet that can cloak invisible itself. It is filled with nano bots that can engineer the anatomy of living, unliving creatures and inanimate objects giving them special powers and a mind of their own thanks to advanced science. Furthermore, it can create and control new nanobots and tech without anyone aboard. The metal planet obtains immense power from the sun, and uses that power to power the nanobots, enchanted items and spells anywhere in space indefinitely. The enchanted items and spells seems to be magical like portals, curses, time travel and crowns, but it is programmed with advanced science. However, the metal planet glitched and teleported itself to the other parallel world of Ooo before the Mushroom War happened; And all the nanobots, enchanted items, and spells went to that world where it all begins. Now, a group of heroes travels to Ooo to go on an adventure to locate the metal planet, but still invisible. There, they meet Finn and Jake to be their guide. Princess Bubblegum learns that science was always been the caused of magic. Our Earth heroes will finally prove that their heroic skills are not to be underestimated.
  • Marceline turns Betty and Simon Petrikov into vampires
  • A movie about Simon and Marceline going through the Great Mushroom War and the creation of Ooo
  • A crossover with the cast of Bravest Warriors
  • More info of the lich
  • A 1 hour special in which finn and jake go beyond the land of ooo to face and destroy an evil overlord who plans to enslave the world
  • Tree trunks and Mr Pig get married
  • Finn asks Choose Goose for a potion that makes him fireproof so he could be with Flame princess
  • Princes Bubblegum acidently creates evil Finn
  • A theory of The Lich being Finn's father
  • A music video showing a parody of "Somedy that I Used to know" involving Marceline and ice king with a shaven beard
  • Marceline asks her father to help her get simons memory back
  • An entire episode where we see simon's everyday life
  • Ice king asks Princess Bublegum to make him a robowife version of herself in exchage for leaving her alone forever
  • More adventures of simon and little marcy
  • More info on Simon (Ice King)
  • Ice King learns about the different dimension and Prismo from Jake, tries to get to Prismo to make a wish and succeeds in reaching him, and wishes that Fionna, Cake, and everyone from his fanfiction was real.
  • Get more info on the great mushroom war or the near extinction of man
  • Finn and Jake get news of there being a new human
  • Jake checks up on his kids
  • We actually get to see Gunther's partner with whom he had intimate relationships and the kitten with. 
  • Finn and Jake rescue Hambo from the witch that Marceline's ex-boyfriend Ash sold it to.
  • Tiffany tries to steal Jake from Finn and become best friends with Jake instead of Finn.
  • Finn's origin
  • An entire episode explaining Betty and Simon
  • Mushroom War
  • Jake's Parents
  • Leading up to Simon and Marcy
  • Explanation of various mutations kind of like a history of ooo
  • Betty and Simon
  • Finn and Flame Princess go on their first date
  • Flame Princess wants to get to know Finn's friends and they all end up liking her better than Princess Bubblegum, which makes PB jealous.
  • Finn gets mad at Jake because he spends too much time with Lady Raincorn, so he throws a wild house party while Jake is out with Princess Raincorn.
  • Finn tries to write Flame Princess a song for her birthday, but its harder than he thought, so he goes for a walk. While on his walk different things in Ooo give him inspiration for his song. (Ex. Different sounds heard in the forest make the beat, and he records the song on BMO.
  • The Litch and Simon knew each other before the Mushroom War
  • Marshall Lee and Simone (Semi Reverse Version of Marceline and Simon)
  • BMO's Origin/BMO around during the Mushroom War
  • or BMO involved in the start of the Mushroom War/BMO helped make the Mushroom Bomb
  • A crossover between Adventure Time and Regular Show.
  • A crossover between Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors.
  • An episode where we see what all of Jake and Lady's kids are like as adults.
  • An episode where Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum get into a fight over Finn.
  • An episode where Flame Princess and Water Princess fight.
  • So you know how in the episode of "Puhoy" when Finn is older in the Pillow World. You see his arm? It's been amputated. This has also been seen in the episode Finn the Human. That may mean that Finn could get his arm ampuated in the near future. I want to see the episode where Finn's body changes for the rest of the show's existance. He get's his arm ampuated. This scene is when the Lich accidently cuts his arm off, but as soon as the Lich does so, Finn blacks out. So does the screen. Finn later wakes up and sees his arm like the episodes in Finn the Human and Puhoy.
  • More episodes about Finn and Jake's childhood
  • An episode where Flame Princess will sit outside her kingdom on a rainy day which remind her of Finn (as a water elementalist). Finn misses his ex and he plans to visit the flame kingdom, as soon as he sees flame princess he approaches and covers her with his umbrella <3. 
  • After Finn finds out he was born on the ocean and overcomes his fears of it. princess bubblegum creates a underwater submarine for finn and jake to retrieve an ancient belonging of Finns that explains where his mom is. they have to find a way to turn into mermen to save his mom. Finn falls in love with a mermaid.

The Seperation

So the episode would start out with Marceline in the grand library looking up old magic books. She then finds the book she is looking for, and heads out to recruit Finn & Jake to help her on a very important mission leaving some details out. Marceline then heads to the ice kingdom and begs the Ice King to tag along for the mission. The ice king, wanting to have friends, happily agrees and they set of to find a dungeon that she says hold a great evil that only herself, Finn, Jake, & the Ice king could destroy. They work together to fight through the dungeon and are finally at the door leading to "the Great Evil" when the episode ends.. To Be Continued... The 2nd part starts of with them opening to door to the final room that the "Great Evil" is held, but instead of a "great evil" they find a piece of old technology. Marceline tells them that she has been searching for this piece of technology for many years. She then tells them that this technology can separate Simon from the Ice king ,splitting them into two different people. The ice king, feeling betrayed, tries to leave but Marceline begs him not to go bursting into tears. Simon hears Marceline crying within the ice king and musters all control and makes the ice king agree. The ice king gets in the machine and Marciline ,with the help of Finn &  Jake, turn on the machine and then there is an flash of green light and an explosion. Finn & Jake wake up too the ice king still there and are about to tell Marceline that it didn't work when they hear her start crying they turn around to see Marceline and Simon hugging both crying tears of joy....

Me-Mow's Revenge

It starts off with Princess Bubblegum when she is tending to her marzipan plants when a banana guard rushes to give her a letter but he accidentally trips and falls on his face and cannot get up so he calls Princess Bubblegum over to retrive the letter hersellf. She opens it while she sits on the collapsed banana guard and to her surprise it is an assasination letter from the "Guild of Assassins" and she calls all of her banana guards to protect her, even Finn and Jake. She doesn't know that they had encountered the assassin before so she just keeps worring when it is going to happen or how she is going to get assassinated. After Finn asks why she called them over she shows them the letter. Finn and Jake remember the symbol and warn Princess Bubblegum that it can be anyone and that the last time that someone else was going to get assassinated it was Wildberry Princess by Me-Mow. When Princess Bubblegum was about to ask who Me-Mow was he came in holding a bottle of yellow poison. He notices Finn and Jake and he rages out but he keeps his cool because he remembers what happened last time that they interfiered. He tells Finn and Jake that the poison she has now is much more deadly than the last batch so he goes straight for Princess Bubblegum. Finn and Jake go into action. They battle each other and after tussling Me-Mow they finally get the poison but Me-Mow cuts Finn to get it which causes him to drop it and kill half a village of ants which enrages Finn. Finn throws Me-Mow to the floor where he gets flung far away by using Jake's stretchy powers when he turned into a catapult. And in the end Princess Bubblegum kisses Finn on the cheeck, which makes him blush and Finn goes back to the tree fort to drink hazelnut coffee.

Gunter's Secret

Gunter is in many episodes of Adventure Time, but what about him? A episode all about Gunter? What does he do when no one is around? (other than living at Ice King's Castle...) He is said to be the most "Eviliest" one in the Land of Ooo, but is there any proof of his evil plans or doings?.... Gunter does some secret acts alone that no one ever knows about. Gunter checks to see if anybody is in Ice King's room, he then looks at Ice King's Couch/Chair. He pushes a button hidden behind Ice King's Couch/Chair, falls in the secret door-way leading down at the base of the Ice Castle. Gunter walks in a room full of graphs and pictures of the Land of Ooo. *Still in Progress*DudeWhoPlays A.T.Music 04:59, May 21, 2012 (UTC)

Marriage with Flame Princess

It's been 4 years since Finn and Flame Princess became couple and now Finn decided to marry Flame Princess,Jake sent every invitations in the Land of Ooo,one of those who are invited is:Marceline,Lady Rainicorn,Ice King,Lumpy Space Princess,All the princesses in the Land of Ooo,Gunter and all Finn and Jake's Friends. Except for Princess Bubblegum,Finn didn't invite her due to it's jealousy and obsessed nature with him. Well,Princess Bubblegum is 22 years old and din't have a family of her own. When Princess Bubblegum learns about this she went into Shed-Tears,she decided to do something to get in that wedding.

Jake: "Here Raggedy Princess.An invitation for the wedding."

Raggedy Princess:"Thank you!"

(In the Candy Castle)

PB: "I have to get in that wedding"

Pb: "I have to do something crazy"


Jake: "Here cupcake man"

Cupcakeman: "Thank you jake

4 hours later at the tree house

Jake: *opens dooor* "Finn Fp all the invitations are out"

Fp and Finn: "Ok thanks jake"

Upstairs where Finn and Fp are

Finn: "I Love you Flame princess"

Fp: "I love you too Finn"

The next day

  • Church bells ring people walking to the church

Everyone sits down in their seats in the wedding that will be starting in a few minutes.

  • Fp starts walking down the isle with the piano in the background*


Pb: "This has to work!"

  • Pb gets in a canapult and launches herself and falls through the roof of the church right in front of Fp
  • The whole crowed gasps*

Finn: "Princess Bubblegum! What are u doing here!"

Pb: "You cannot marry flame princess!"

Finn: "I may do so as I please!"

Fp: "How dare u barge into our wedding!"

Pb: "Finn I realized this long ago that I do love you and u cannot marry this witch!"

Fp: *gasp*

Finn: "No princess no! I'm done with u! And I'm marrying flame princess if u like it or not

And everyone lived happilly ever after except Pb who died of sadness

The Apples (Part 1 of 3)

The episode begins with Finn and Jake walking around the Candy Kingdom, and Finn sees a mysterious person wearing a mask, behind a building. Finn follows the person, and sees him go behind another building, but when Finn get's to where the person was, he (It's a he) is gone.

Finn and Jake are now in their bedroom, about to go to sleep, when Finn remembers what happened, and tells Jake about it. Jake's reaction is very odd. His eyes turn blank, his arms fall to his sides, and he falls on the ground, unconsious. Finn manages to wake him up, and Jake asks the question:

Jake: Was the mask red and sort of looks like a crystal thing?

Finn: Yeah...


Finn: No... I mean, I don't think so man.

Jake: *Sigh*. Finn... That is The Apples.

Finn: What? The Apples?

Jake: The Apples are a secret organization... An evil organization.

Finn: Oh... Can you tell me more?

Jake: We... We should just get to sleep man.

Finn: Um... OK.

Finn and Jake go to sleep. Finn wakes up in the middle of the night, and sees one of The Apples outside of the bedroom window. Finn lights a match and lights a candle quickly, but The Apple member has gone. Finn tries to wake Jake up, but he is not there. Finn starts to panic a little bit, but then hears a flushing of the toilet. Jake then walks into the bedroom and sees Finn awake. Jake asks:

Jake: What are you doin' man?

Finn: I... I saw one of The Apples outside the window.

Jake: Finn, buddy... You would have been just imagining things.

Finn: Yeah... Yeah, lets's just... Go back to sleep.

Finn and Jake go back to sleep, as rain starts to fall outside.

In the morning, while Finn, Jake and BMO are eating eggs and bacon, Finn asks where The Apples hide-out is. Jake answers:

Jake: *Sigh* You know when we went to see who stole TT's apples at that place where bad people hang out in the Candy Kingdom?

Finn: Yeah

Jake: Well, apparently their secret hide-out is there, but no-one has ever found it.

Finn wondered about that and said:

Finn: Hey, dude, what about Mr Pig? He knows everything about all kinds of apples!

Jake: Yeah, yeah man, that's a good idea.

So Finn and Jake go to Tree Trunks' house, expecting Pig to be there, and he is. They go in the the house and see Pig eating Tree Trunks' apple pie.

Tree Trunks: Oh my! Finn... And Jake! What are y'all doin' here in my little ol' house?

Finn: We're here to see Mr Pig.

Mr Pig: *'Moans in a happy way* Okay, do we need to go outside?

Jake: Um... Yeah, yeah.

Mr Pig: Okay.

Finn, Jake and Mr Pig went outside and Finn asked:

Finn: *Seriously* Do you know about The Apples?

Mr Pig: The Apples?

Finn: The Apples.

Mr Pig stopped. He turned his head about 45 degrees, and said slowly and crazily:

Mr Pig: I'm... Turning... Delusional... AHHHHH...

Mr Pig ran around in circles screaming, until he fell on the ground and stopped, but he had fainted. Tree Trunks came out of her house with apple pie on a platter, but when she saw Mr Pig on the ground, she dropped it, gaped, and asked Finn and Jake:

Tree Trunks: What in the apple pie's goin' on out here!?

Finn: I don't know! Mr Pig just screamed and fainted!

Tree Trunks immediately went inside and called the Banana Guards from the Candy Kingdom. They arrived, and took Mr Pig off to the Candy Kingdom hospital.

Finn and Jake are sitting at home, playing BMO, when Jake's phone rings. Jake pauses the game, and answers it. Finn says to put it on speaker mode, so he does. The person who rang had a deep, hoarse voice:

Mysterious person: Is this Finn and Jake's resindance?

Finn & Jake: Yeah...

Mysterious person: I hear you're interested in The Apples. Go to the Candy Kindom Mental Hostital at 5:30 PM.

Finn: But-...

The phone was hung up. Finn told Jake to call the person back, to see which day he meant. But when they rang back up, the telephone's computer voice said:

Telephone: This number does not exist. Please try a different number.

Finn and Jake looked at each-other, wide-eyed and obviously a little freaked out.

But at 5:20, they headed off to the Candy Kingdom Mental Hospital, to see what would happen.

When they got there, they saw Dr Princess at the front desk, and she asked

Dr Princess: Ooh! Finn, Jake, what are you two doing here again?

Jake: We're here to... cheer up everyone!

Jake turns into a dolphin and tells a joke:

Jake: Whadd'ya get when you mix Ice-cream... with Pizza?!

Dr Princess: Um... Ice-cream-pizza?

Jake: (Awkwardly) No... Um... No, that's not... The answer (Clears throat)

Dr Princess: (Flatly) Right. (Cheerily) Well, door's that way!

Finn and Jake walk into the room where all the 'patients' are and find that Baby Snaps is telling a story about how Jake had helped him to become a Princess.

Baby Snaps: (Gasps) Jake!

Jake: Princess Cookie!

Jake and Baby Snaps hugged, but in a manly way, and a loaf of bread with chocolate icing on top came up to Finn and said:

Bread: Hiya

His voice was soft, really soft and he asked:

Bread: You're Finn, right?

Finn answered:

Finn: Yeah, yeah.

Jake walked over to Finn and asked who the bread was. But as Jake asked, the bread exploded, and Dr Princess and some parimedics ran over to the scene. They gathered all the peices and took the into a room, and there was a sign on the door that said: Hospital room.

Finn and Jake walked around, to see if anyone they saw might know about The Apples. They came across a red velvet cupcake, that was tattoed all over his arms, and he had a mustache that looked really tough. Finn asked him:

Finn: Do you know about... The Apples?

The cupcake's mouth then drops wide open, and he went through a flashback of the dark side of the Candy Kingdom, and in the bathroom. He muttered:

Cupcake: Tavern... Dark side... Toilet... Explosion... Secret hide-out!

He then laughed hysterically and ran out the window, smashed it and kept on laughing crazily. Dr Princess and the medics came out again and ran after the cupcake. Dr Princess muttered under her breath:

Dr Princess: I frickin' hate this job.

Finn and Jake walked backwards slowly, and edged back out of the mental hospital, and then Finn jumped in the air, Jake turned huge and Finn landed on Jake's back. Finn and Jake went home, and thought out their plan.

Finn: Maybe we should get Flambo, to blow up the bathroom of that bad place!

Jake: You seriously think he was right? He's flippin' crazy, like, ''waaay mathed out.

Finn: Well... Yeah man, but it's the best we can do.

Jake: *Sighs* Alright man, but how are we gonna do this biz?

Finn: Easy! We'll go to the Fire Kingdom, get Flambo, take him to that place, get him to light the bathroom on fire, boom boom, and the secret hide-out!

Jake: Okay man. Let's do this!

Finn and Jake ran to the Fire Kingdom, but they were in bad luck...

Jake: Aww, Finn! It's too late!

Finn: It's never too late. We can do this!

Jake: No man, I mean it's dinner time, we're gonna have to do it tommorow.

Finn: Oh, okay man, but tommorow we're gonna tackle this biz!

Jake: Yeah but that's tommorow, now it's DINNER TIME!

The Adventure Time logo comes up on screen, but instead of 'Adventure Time', it's 'Dinner Time'.

Finn and Jake are in the bedroom, and it's the middle of the night. It zooms in on Finn, and goes into his dream. It is of an Apple member, walking up to a cornered human, with a knife. The human screams "NO!!! Honey, protect Finn!" And then the noise of a knife can be heard. He wakes up abruptly and breathes heavily. He ignores it, and goes back to sleep.

The next morning, Finn wakes up, and sees Jake still sleeping.

Finn: JAKE! It's time to wake up!

Jake: (Groggily) Nah man... It's Lady Rainicorn...


Jake: Ahhhh!

Jake literally jumped out of his bed, waving his arms all over the place.

Finn: ... It's time.

Finn and Jake head to the Fire Kingdom, on one of the biggest adventures of their lives. Finn jumps on Jake's back, and he runs full speed towards The Fire Kingdom. But before they got there, they saw someone under a box, screaming. Jake said to Finn:

Jake: 10 to 1 it's Flambo.

They ran to the box, flipped it over, and saw Flambo.

Jake: Ohhh, snap!! I knew it!

Finn: ... And I never argued.

Flambo: Hey! Cut out the conversation!

Finn: Oh, sorry Flambo. We need you.

Flambo: Yeah, what do ya's need me for?

Finn: An adventure.

Flambo: Yeah, okay's.

Finn, Jake and Flambo run out and Jake turns huge, grabs Finn and Flambo, and puts them on his back. Finn says:

Finn: What time is it?

Jake and Flambo: Adventure Time!

Part 1 end.

To be continued... 2000 - The futuristic sound of Balloon Music (talk) 05:58, October 11, 2012 (UTC)

The Lean Mean Fighting Machines(Part 1 of 3)

The episode begins with Ice king getting kicked out the window of his castle,he then rolls all the way out of ice kingdom and into a pile of scrap metal

Ice King:If only I had some sorta evil minion of doom*Ice king notices the robots in the scrap metals and digs them out

Robot 1:*Looks like finn*Hello New Master,what shale we do for you?

Robot 2:We live to serve

Ice King:Hmmmmm,Go and kill theese two*Ice king takes out a picture of finn and Jake*

Robot 1:Please insert codenames

Ice King:You are metal finn!*Points at robot 1* and you are metal jake*Points at robot 2*

M.Finn:*Turns into a jet and flies to Finn's place*

M.Jake:*Turns into a jet and follows*

At The tree house

Finn:*Playing games on BMO while Jake shovels ice cream into his mouth*

Jake:Go Man Go!

Finn:*Swallows down a chunk of ice cream and finishes a level*WOOHOO!

M.Finn:*Bursts through window and turns normal,hand then turns into sword*I have come to kill you!

M.Jake:*Goes through window aswell and turns hands into hammers*Pound the dog!

Finn and Jake grab their swords and attack

M.Finn:*Kicks at Finn's face and punches him into wall*Ha ha ha!

M.Jake:*Hammers Jake into finn and ties them together,then knocks them unconsious*Ha ha ha!


The Secret Sister Part 3 of 4: Before the War

Marceline flew to the bench where she sat at when she needed a break. She saw Marsha sitting on the bench. "...Mind if I sit here?" Marceline asked.

The Apples (Part 2 of 3)

Finn, Jake and Flambo set out to the tavern in the dark side of the Candy Kingdom, while talking about the plan.

Finn: So Flambo, you know what your doing?

Flambo: Yeah. I'm an apple molder, moldin's apples.

Finn: Good. Jake, you know what your doin' man?

Jake: Yeah man.

Finn: Math! *Song*

(Song can be seen in Song Ideas.)

They were just entering the Candy Kingdom, when Finn remembers something.

Finn: Oh! We need to dirty ourselves up first.

Jake: Oh yeah... Hey, look *Points at an old outhouse near a river*. We can dirty ourselves up there.

Finn: Math!

Jake: Dude, stop saying "math". It's getting annoying.

Finn: I'm sorry man, I can't always be... Not annoying.

Jake: *Eyeroll* Whatever man. Let's just get dirty.

Jake turned over to the muddy river, and shape-changed back to his original size.

They got down, and Flambo brought up the question:

Flambo: Uh... Hows am I gonna get dirty!?

Finn: Oh yeah... Hmm...

Jake: You could get some ash Flambo.

Finn: Ash? That guy sucks. He broke Marcy's heart.

Jake: No dude, not Ash, ash.

Finn: *Blink*

Jake: Like burnt out fire and stuff.

Finn: Oh... Oh math.

Jake: Dude!

Finn: Sorry dude.

Flambo: Uh... I don't wanna ruin your conversation, but hows are we gonna finds that ash?

Finn: Um... I don't know...

Jake: Maybe if we start a fire, it will burn out and turn into ash.

Finn: Good idea man!

Jake: Thanks man!

Finn: Well, let's get to work.

Finn, Jake and Flambo gathered a bunch of dry leaves and twigs and stuff like that, into a pile, and Finn used the method he used when they shot the arrow in the Banana Man's house, which was rub his hands together and blow. The fire slowly started and Finn, Jake and Flambo ran. They had to wait a while, but eventually the fire burned out, turning into ash, just like the plan.

Flambo put all the ash all over himself, and Finn and Jake got some dirt and they all looked "tough".

They continued to the Tavern and saw Wormo slide inside. Finn, Jake and Flambo followed inside.

The trio went up to the bartender and asked:

Finn: Hi, we're here to with our apple molder *Points to Flambo*.

Flambo: Yeah, I'm an apple molder, I swears it!

Bartender: Oh. An apple molder. But what exactly did you guys come here for? Apples?

Finn: Oh, we just need to use your bathroom.

Bartender: Oh...Kay... Well, bathroom's over there.

As Finn, Jake and Flambo were walking over to the bathroom, the Bartender whispered:

Bartender: Losers.

Finn, Flambo and Jake got into the bathroom and talked out the plan. The plan was to get Flambo to burn the bathroom in flames, and then wait until a secret hideout thing was revealed. Finn went back to the bar, while Jake got a bunch of toilet paper, and spread it all out on the floor. Meanwhile, Finn was looking around the place, when a jam doughnut walked up to Finn. He says in a hoarse and deep voice:

Jam Doughnut: You Finn?

Finn: Yeah, wait... Hey... You're -

Jam Doughnut: The mysterious guy that talked to you over the phone? Yes.

Finn: Why are you -

But before Finn could finish his sentence, he heard a massive boom coming from the bathroom. Finn quickly runs over to the bathroom, and saw the whole place on fire. Finn looks at Jake, and notices that he is blue, and figures that Flambo had cast 'Flame Sheild' on him. Finn yells from the door:

Finn: Flambo! Cast 'Flame Sheild' on me!

Flambo, who is in the bathroom, yells back:

Flambo: Okay!

Flambo does the chant thing, and spits on Finn. Finn immediately turns blue. Finn goes into the bathroom and sees a hole in the ground. He then hears that people are coming.

Finn: We need to get in that hole now.

Jake: Yes! We do!

The jump in the hole, and as soon as they did, the hole covers up, and disappears. Finn, Flambo and Jake can feel metal underneath them, and above them. They are sliding down in a tube-like thing, on a steep angle. It's pitch black, and they're too petrified to say anything. All of a sudden, crash! They smash into the ground and see light. It's torchlit light. They're in a cave. They look all around them, but just see the red light of the torch-lit light. Finn gestures to Jake and Flambo to stay quiet, and then he gets up. He sneaks around, and then, behind a door that leads to another part of the cave, Finn hears voices. He runs back to Jake and Flambo, but it's too late. The door opens, and person-like figures wearing red cloaks come out. A cloaked figure in a deep voice yells:

Cloaked Figure: Seize them!

Finn, Flambo and Jake ran, but there was nowhere to go.

Finn: Jake, I need to tell you something.

Jake: Finn, now's not the best time.

Finn: Yes, it is. Last night, I had a dream. A dream about one of The Apples killing my family.

Jake stopped. He looked around at one of the cloaked figures.

Jake: What did this Apples guy look like?

Finn: Like one of these guy--

He can't finish his sentence, because a cloaked figure jumps on him, and one grabs Jake and throws him into one of the walls of the cave. Meanwhile, the cloaked figure that is on top of Finn has a knife. The knife has blood on it. Finn struggles to get out from under the figure, and kicks him in the face. The hood comes off. Finn gasps. The person in the cloak is Banana Man.

Finn: Banana Man!?

Banana Man: Yes. It is I, Banana Man. I was the one that killed your mother and father. It was not The Great Mushroom War. They survived that. I tried to kill you, but I couldn't. So I devised a plan to get to your pal, Jake, so you would follow him, and then BOOM! But it did not work. Now, I can finally--

Suddenly, Jake jumps on Banana Man, but then an Apple member jumps on Jake, punches him, and the punch knocks him out.

Finn runs away to the door that The Apple members came out of. He tries to open it, but it is locked.

Banana Man runs at Finn with a knife. Finn has his back up to the door and dodges Banana Man, as he runs into the door and sticks his knife into it.

Finn screams, but then comes to his senses ans takes off Banana Man's glass dome that he wears on his head. Finn smashes it into Banana Man's head. Banana Man starts lightly bleeding in places of the head, then slumps onto the ground, unconscious.

As Jake starts to regain consciousness, Flambo is attacking The Apples Members, and a The Apples member tries to punch Finn, but Finn dodges and the member punches the rock wall instead. Banana Man then grabs Finn's right leg, and Finn screams. Banana Man whispers to Finn:

Banana Man: You really wanna know who your parents were?

Finn: Of course.

Banana Man: Your mother, she's --

But as Banana Man is just about to tell Finn who his mother is, Princess Bubblegum smashes through one of the walls while on her Royal Swan. The Swan starts shooting lazers at all The Apples members, and then Finn, Jake and Flambo jump on the Swan too.

As they are exiting, the cave suddenly explodes violently, with lots of fire.

Princess Bubblegum: Hehe, TNT.

While on the way back to the castle, Finn asks:

Finn: PB, I thought you didn't know about that place.

Princess Bubblegum: Finn, I'm the ruler of Candy Kingdom, of course I know about it.

Finn: Oh. Ooh! Guess what! Banana Man was about to tell me about who my real parents are!

Princess Bubblegum: Oh, uh, cool Finn. That's... Nice.

As they arrive at the castle, Finn and Jake show Flambo all the Candy People.

Princess Bubblegum then grabs a phone, and rings a number. The person who answers it is BMO, at the Tree House.

Princess Bubblegum: Should I tell them?

BMO: No, you must never tell them.

Princess Bubblegum then hangs up.

The scene now changes to a flashback, of a normal woman with blond hair and a normal man with black hair are standing in a house with a baby with blond hair in the man's arms. Then all of a sudden, a massive green explosion happens, with toxic waste going everywhere. The house is destroyed, and the woman has been turned into a bubblegum lady, and the man has been turned into a computer console with the letters B M O on the side of him. The baby now has really long hair, but is lost in a forest because of the explosion, wearing a white hat with bunny ears.

To Be Continued...

2000 (talk) 07:00, December 11, 2012 (UTC)

The sword secrect (Part 1 of 9)

The episode start with Finn and Jake walking out of a hole with a bag full of treasure.Which proof that they just finish an adventure: Jake:FINN!That sword is the sweetest sword I've ever seen,I can't believe that it could only use to slash,I mean, man, that sword it's the greatest treasure of our family and it can only be used to slash ? It must have some secrect power dude! Finn:I don't know man,I never seen it can do anything more than slashing. I wish dad was here. Than suddenly a cloud appeared with Joshua in it between Finn and Jake cloud. Joshua:what's up boys! Finn and Jake: DAD!!! Finn and Jake:what are you doing here dad ? Joshua:well,mom and I think that we haven't seen you in a while so we want to see you. Finn:well dad, you are just in time. We want to ask you if the sword has some mythical power? Joshua:(long breath)i think is time for you to know the sword me at the Ooo king sanctuary tomorrow night at full moon. Finn:but where is that dad? Joshua:oh yea! I forgot that the sanctuary is hidden that has a map which I hid in the dungeon next to the one where you found the sword.Remember to bring the sword and the map with you at FULL MOON! Finn and Jake: ok dad

To be continued...

The Sacrafice

Finn and Jake are at Flame Princess's house having fun but not too far away Ice king is spying on them.Ice king notices that Finn and Flame Princess are dating by the way they were behaving so Ice king decides to create a potion that would kill anything it touched.After Ice king created it,he flew over to Flame Princess's house and waited for the right moment and fly in and squirt the potion on Flame Princess.At the time Flame Princess through the fire proof frezebee and jake went off to get it.Ice king thinks that Finn and Jake went to get it so he swoops in.Finn quickly sees him about that potion on Flame Princess and dashes to her and jumps in front of her killing Finn.

Jake comes out of the woods and sees Finn lieing on the ground,he tries to wake him up.Flame Princess tells him that it was ice king who killed him.Jake looks at Ice king and grows into a giant and punches Ice king into the unknown.

Seeing that Finn is dead.Flame Princess begins to cry Jake crys a little.Back in the Candy Kingdom,everybody is sad due to the loss of Finn.Marceline,Princess Bubblegum,Bmo,and Jake are deeply in sorrow.Flame Princess so devastated by the loss of her Boyfriend didn't show up for Finn's funeral.

The next day Jake is walking to Flame Princess's house when he aproaches her house she screams "Its all my fault!" Jake walks over to her and tries to explain to her that Finn woldn't her to be sad.

At Finn's grave in the Candy Kingdom, down in Finn's coffin. Finn begins to moan he wakes up and wonders where he was.He opened his coffin and Candy dirt began rushing into hes coffin Finn starts eating the dirt. Aboce the ground stands Princess Bubblegum looking at Finn's grave.She then saw Finn crawling out of the dirt in Suprise Princess Bubblegum immeaditly hugs Finn.Finn not knowing whats going on he asked Princess Bubblegum what was going on.She explains to Finn that the potion he was hit with was supposed to have killed him.Princess Bubblegum suggested to Finn he go see Flame Princess immeaditly so Finn takes off.

At Flame Princess's house Jake and Flame Princess are still talking about the loss of Finn.Jake and Flame Princess then hear Finn's voice and they run to him Jake tackles Finn and licks him.After Finn gets up Flame Princess hugs and kisses Finn leaving two burnt marks on Finn.

Jake then tells Finn hes plan to get back at Ice king so Finn agrees and takes off with Jake but then Flame Princess tells them to stop and she was coming with them so they go off to get the Ice king.

Jake and Lady Rainicorn get married.

Madness of the Ice King

Ice King trades his soul to make himself irresistable to women. (Based off the song Madness of Duke Venomania by Kamui Gakupo)



Ice King, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline


Flame Princess, Finn, Jake, LSP, Snail


Madness of the Ice King

Notes: Kasari, the creator of this episode, is making a fanmade video of this (basically taking clips of each character and doing something like this)

The eleventh hour (part 1: the liches cure)

the episode starts with the opening scence but in revese from finn and Jake to the wasteland which then the screen blacks out and then comes back with a old title card which is saying the title and then in the backround showing the liches face. it then goes to finn and jake talking about stuff from other episodes while they look at a scrapbook:

Jake: oh oh remember that time when we partyed with those bears

finn: ya man that was epic

they continue talking about stuff.

Jake: well thats the end of that now to look at the others

PB bangs through the door

PB: Finn ! Jake! you have to come quick!

while running:

Finn: whats the rush?

PB: il show you

castle doors open showing many candy people looking green and other things.

Finn: what The GLOB happend?!

PB: remember the Lich and where he was entombed?

Finn: ya of course

PB: well when the lich broke free some of his energy stayed in the candy tree and began infecting the locals but i only noticed now.. the bad thing is that we need some items to cure them.

Finn: and why is this hard?

PB: you have to use it on the lich himself!

Jake: WHAT!!

PB gives paper showing all ingredients:

PB: this is what you need: a hair from a 5 legged mystic cat, the horn from a psycic tandum war elephant, a buldge from a princess in lumby space, the horn from a rainicorn, the jewel from the fire kingdom some snow ripe from it's source and finally a 100 year old piece of bone.

Jake: whats with all the horns?

PB: oh thats just for some powder.

Finn: ok well we can get all of that stuff in a minuite

Jake: but what about the rainicorn horn

finn: oh ya hm....

Jake: oh wait theres a settlement of rainicorns just a min away so il go there.

Finn: ok il get the other stuff

Shows finn and jake getting all the stuff and then they meet together.

Jake: hey Finn you got the stuff?

Finn: Ya man of course

PB: oh thank Glob your back.

after some time.

PB: there now all you have to do is find the lich...

LICH breaks in and takes Finn

Jake and PB: FINN!!!!!!

to be continued.............

by: Dragonite5

The Humans

Fionna and Finn accidentally meet while F&J are chasing Billy/The Lich, but they were never supposed to meet. Now, Finn and Fionna must save Ooo from becoming destroyed.

Stinky Nightosphere Amulet

Finn and Jake are playng with BMO and theres a knock on the door.

Finn:Our doors are knocking you go check it Jake.

Jake:(Opens door)

Finn:Marceline? What are you doing here?

Marceline:I need you to clean the nightosphere amulet because its stinky forever and we dont know how to clean it.

Finn:Maybe we can ask PB.

They all go to the candy castle.

Jake:PB! PB!


Finn:You make a potion to clean the nightosphere amulet because we cant clean it forever.

PB:Ok.You guys can help me just pour the orange and the green tube put some vinegar.

Jake:I hate vinegar.

They pout the tubes and the vinegar.

PB:(Mixes) Ok lets go

Marceline:Follow me to my cave and my house.

To be continued..............

The Rush

Basic story is that after doing something totally awesome: Finn, Jake, PB, and Flame princess head down to the local sugar bar for a celebratory drink. However, after a little too much sugar the gang gets a sugar rush and crazy things unfold. This is basically my adventure time version of "The Hangover" and if people are interested tell me and I will continue with the idea.

More Humans?

When Finn and Jake are playing with BMO, Finn notices something outside. Finn walks outside to take a closer look. What he saw were 3 girls with a giant airplane that they flew with. Soon, Jake and BMO went outside too. Finn asks the girls what their names are. One girl looked like the same height as him, even though she was 11 years old. Her name was Amy. HI!!! WE COME IN PEACE!!! She seemed so exited to meet him. Another girl was very tall that she might of even been taller than Bubblegum. Her name was Amelia. Nice to meet you! She said and hugged Finn. He blushed a little. She even hugged Jake and BMO. BMO seemed to like her. The last girl was a little taller than Finn but not as tall as Amelia. Her name was Ally. Whenlia was hugging BMO for a very long time, Ally told her that they had shopping to do. Finn asked the girls what they do mostly. Amy replied and said that they go EVERYWHERE (especially shopping at the mall), so they left to do their shopping. Soon, Finne rushed to the Candy Kingdom and announced that there were people in the land of ooo. PB t they were humans from a different planet. About 5 hours later, they showed up again. Amy said that they were going to "say hi to the world". That was when disaster began. When they reached to Marceline's house, Amy tried to prank her by scream THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!

the werewolf king

The werewolf king silverbane is looking for Finn the human so Finn can become the werewolf prince.

werewolf war

When the war between the two factions of the werewolf kingdom escalates to out side the kingdom,some kingdoms take sides with either faction

  • the show starts with pb in a war room

Pep but:princess upYou must pick a side.they will kill you if you go switzerland on this.

Pb:you're right,I will join the kings side in this war

  • a flash back shows that the war between the two factions has escalated outside of the werewolf kingdom

Pep but:I will alert him now

  • on phone* silverbane:hello pep is the most beautiful princess bubblegum doing.

Pep but:fine.we have joined your side in the war.we are sorry that we are the only kingdom to join you though

Silverbane:meh I can win this war.thanks for joining my side.*hangs up

Adviser:so what to do

Silverbane:send four hundred troops to A enemy faction camp Adviser:yes sir

Voice:so you can think you can beat me

Silverbane:why do you come out and fight me,bloodmane


  • silverbane and bloodmane go.into a six minute.swordfight wich ends with silverbane cutting bloodmanes he

Silverbane:as I said before there can be only one.

Advisor:you're the sole ruler now.

Silverbane:tell all the kingdoms that sides with bloodmane that I am going to kick all their tell princess bubblegum thatch she made a wis choice.siding with me.

Advisor:yes sir

End of episode

It returned

Hunson Abadeer, who was released by Finn, goes on a soul sucking ramage causing serious discomfort for Marsha.

In the hospital

it all starts off where everyone is at the hospital waiting for the new births of lady and jake.


Finn and Jake team up with Furnius and his girlfriend (she saved Furnius's life and is a lightning elemental, a though to be extinct species) to defeat the Lich who is released once again. Everyone gets eventually knocked out and everyone's past is revealed.

Note: Furnius's hissing voice is gone because he says that his girlfriend helped him get rid of his "voice of revenge" (aka his hissing)

-- by: OLee

Finn's Greatest Challenge Yet: High School!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the first ever live action episode of Adventure Time, Finn realizes that all of his adventures were a dream and he must now face high school. There, he meets three kids who were also convinced that Ooo is real, and they set out to prove it and get back to Ooo.

Live-Action Cast:

Jeremy Shada as Finn

Cameron Boyce as "Jacob" (Jake)

??? as "Bonni" (Bubblegum)

Kasari Baretu as "Lena" (Marceline)

Adventure Time Meets Winx Club (Part 1)

It starts when Finn was walking down the ladder from the bedroom and heading off to the table where he eats. Jake and BMO sit there, and talking about things.

Jake: Oh, hi, Finn!

Finn: Hi, Jake. Whats for breakfast?

Jake: Bacon pancakes!

Finn: Yummm........ BLAGHHHHHHHH! What is this stuff?

Jake: I learned how to cook these from Lady Rainicorn.


Jake: Here, take a bite. Just a bite! *Puts the fork in the bacon and swirls it over Finn's eyes like Jake is hypnotizing him* Take a bite!

Finn: Okay, fine.

BMO: These stuff are good!

Jake: Thanks, BMO.

The three were eating breakfast, talking about how Lady Rainicorn made these things, and other stuff. When they were done, they got off, and left the table, and went out.

Finn: So, should we visit PB?

Jake: Yeah, maybe we should.

BMO: Okay.

So Finn, Jake, and BMO went to Princess Bubblegum's castle.

PB: Hey, Finn! Hey, Jake! Hey, BMO! What's up?

Finn: We just came to visit. Do you need any help?

PB: Sure.

Jake: What ya makin?

PB: A potion to another world, a world far from the Land Of Ooo. A place where it is all different. A place where things are magical. Another galaxy, like that.

Jake: So, it is far from Ooo?

PB: Yeah.

Finn: So, how do we do these things?

PB: Marceline is helping me. Just pour the red, orange, yellow, purple, brown, and the magical pink dust. Oh, and dont add the black one, we have to use it when ready. The potion is for this frog that belongs to another place. Just, dont pour the black! And also dont pour the green, the green is too dangerous. The portal will suck us all in the room, and never come back. And dont add much of the magical pink dust. It will make the whole Land Of Ooo dissapear.

Finn: Okay, we're ready to help.

PB: Good! Just work on that table. Im gonna finish my Tart Robot.

BMO: Okay.

So they walked to the table over there, where Marceline was.

Marceline: Hey, Finn, Jake, and BMO! Are you helping?

Jake: Yeah.

Marceline: So, lets start.

Finn: *Pours the red glitter and orange tubes* There.

Jake: "Pours the yellow and purple tubes* Done.

BMO: *Pours the brown tube and the magical pink dust* Here.

Marceline: We are done!

Finn: *Acidentally pours a pinch of the green tube* Okay, let us give it to PB.

PB: Oh, you are done! Lets send back this frog, okay?. *Pours the black tube and pours the big tube to the ground*

Finn: WHAT THE?????????????

PB: Finn, did you pour the green tube?

Finn: No, I didnt! I didnt even remember pouring it!

Marceline: Mabye you knocked it off by mistake.

PB: FINNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, the portal sucked everyone inside the portal, and went to that other galaxy.

Jake: Woah, what is this place?

Finn: It looks like a forest, but a forest that is different in someway.

PB: This is the other galaxy. The Magic Dimension, and we are on the capital, Magix.

Adventure Time Meets Winx Club (Part 2)

Marceline: It looks like a regular forest, to me.

Finn: Let us go behind the trees, and take a peek.

So Finn, Jake, BMO, PB, and Marceline headed towards the trees, where they hid behind and saw a big building. With humans! But really, not humans.

Jake: Hmmmm.....

Finn: Jake! I think I found other humans!

PB: Quiet, or they will see us.

When the five took a peek, they saw a big building, with humans. This building was called Alfea, a school for fairies. Looks like they were not humans, after all!

Aisha: Hey, girls, check this out! *Does a double back cartwheel*

Stella: Awesome! *Clapping*

Jake: Wow, that girl has got some killer moves.

Bloom: That was nice, Aisha!

Aisha: Watch me do this! *Does a triple backflip and ends with a split*

Musa: AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You got killer moves, Aisha.

Aisha: Thanks, Musa!

Musa: Let me try that. *Does a triple back flip but ends up falling at the split part* Ooops! I need a little  more practice.

Aisha: Now, watch me to this! *Flips upside down with a finger touched to the floor and spins really fast when she lets go of the floor but ends falling* Oooof! I need more practice with this one.

Finn: Hey, do we think we should go in?

Marceline: The humans might see us. We may looks different from them, right?

Ms. Faragonda: Girls, time for class!

Jake: Finn, BMO, Marceline, PB, lets go, when they leave, and lets find the girl with the killer moves and her friends.

Marceline: Do we need backup plan?

Finn: If they try to attack, we can hit them?

Jake: Thats a little too rough for pretty humans with stylish outfits.

Marceline: How about we say hi, and try to act friendly, or something. And lets say we belong from a different galaxy, and trying to get home, okay?


PB: Lets see if they really are not humans.

Jake: Okay! Backup plan, check! Now, we need gear.

Finn: My sword?

Jake Sure, if any monsters are around.

Marceline: So, thats it?

Jake: Backup plan, check! Gear, check! We are complete, so lets head inside.

So the five went inside, and went through to hallways, and looked at each doors, until they came to the right door.

Finn: *Peeks* It is the right door, now no one is in the hallway, they are all on their rooms, if anyone is, hide under that table.

Stella: *Does ballet* Watch me do a pirrouette, fast as I can! *Does a pirouette super fast*

Jake: Wow, that other girls has killer moves, too.

Tecna: Wow, Stella. That was awesome! *Claps*

Ms. Faragonda: Girls, now. You need to feel the inner feeling of love, and the feeling that you are dancing to your heart. So, girls, dance!

Winx: *Dances*

Bloom: One, two, three! *Does a pirrouette and leaps in the air and does another pirouette*

Musa: Try following what Ms. Faragonda is saying.

Bloom: Okay! *Leaps in the air and dances while imagines that her boyfriend is next to her, then her shoes glow* Wow! My magical ballet shoes!

Flora: Awesome!

Bloom: *Flies in the air and glides as she dances around the room* Wow!

Stella: Let me try. *Pirrouettes and leaps in the air while imagining her boyfriend saves her from falling and earns her shoes, and her shoes glow* Wow! My ballet shoes! Sweet!

Marceline: How did that happen?

Jake: Hide! A person in the hallway! *Grabs everyone and hides under the table*

Ms. Griselda: All the hallways are clean, good. *Leaves*

Jake: Come out!

Stella: *Glides and flies in the air and twirling around the room* Awesome!

PB: I think this is a magical building.

Flora: *Leaps and twirls in the air as she leans back and pretend her boyfriend saves her and her shoes change and glow* Yey! *Glides and twirls in the air across the room* Magical!!

Musa: *Dances and twirls and does a pirrouette and imagines her boyfriend blowing origami birds at her and holding her hands and dancing with her as her shoes glow and change* Sweet! *Flutters and twirls in the air with the other girls* Yey!

Tecna: *Imagines her boyfriend holding her hand and dancing with her as her shoes glow and change* My shoes! *Floats and twirls in the air with the other girls* Awesome!

Aisha: *Does a really really magical dance when she leans and imagines her boyfriend saving her and her shoes glow and change* Wow! *Floats in the air with the other girls* Yeeeeeeeyyyyy!!!

So the girls all float and twirl together in the air as Flora was in the middle, dancing and twirling a magical dance.

Ms. Faragonda: Girls, you have completed the challenge. Go on, drink some water from your bottles.

Tecna: That was good, Bloom.

Bloom: Thanks, Tecna.

Jake: Lets just go.

Finn: No! They will see us, we are different.

Jake: Just, go! We have to talk to them.

So the five went inside, and the girls were surprised.


Aisha: Bloom, dont be so crazy.

Bloom: Okay.

Stella: Now, who are you? We will bust you up. Girls lets transfo-----

Finn: Umm.... hello, we are from a different galaxy, from the Land Of Ooo. I am Finn, and we need to get back.

Jake: Oh.

Stella: Oh, I thought you were monsters.

BMO: Oh, it is okay.

Finn: You can fight? But you are just humans!

Musa: We are not humans, we are fairies!

Jake: Fairies??

Bloom: Watch this.  FIRE OF SIRENIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Attacks a powerful spell*

Jake: Woah! You can fight!

Adventure Time Meets Winx Club (Part 3)


Stella: Ugh, can you please stop calling us humans, or BACK OFF!


Stella: DO NOT!

Marceline: YES DO!

Stella and Marceline: UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (They start fighting)





Stella: DONT TELL WERE HUMANS OR BACK OFF, MARCRYBABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aisha: Okay, can you please stop it now?



Stella: DONT CALL ME A STELLATO (Pushes Marceline)

Marceline: UGH! (Pushes Stella)

Finn: STOOOOPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake: That was your longest shout, ever.

Stella: OH! MARCRYBABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Starts coughing) YOU will pay for--- (Coughs again)

Marceline: AHAH! A SORE THROAHT! WHAT NOW, STELLAT---- (Starts coughing too)

Stella: YOU HAVE A SOR---- (Coughs) I cant talk an---- (Coughs) Just pay fo---- (Coughs) Its a big sor-- (Coughs)

Marceline: AHAH---- (Coughs) Okay you'll pay!

Stella: Why do you dont---- (Coughs) Have a sore throught when--- (Coughs) I do---- (Coughs again)

Marceline: That was the ninth-consecutive time you have coughed.

Flora: Okay, are we really seriously talking about this, right now?

Finn: Yes.

Jake: No.

Marceline: Whatever.

PB: I dont care.

Stella: Mayb---- (Coughs) Noo....

Flora: Okay, are we seriously needing to take with Krystal?

Finn: Who's Krystal?

Stella: Kind of.....

Adventure Time Meets Winx Club (Part 4)

Bloom: Anyways, Krystal can heal.

Finn: CAN SHE FIND HUMAAAANS??????????????

Tecna: No, but I can.


Tecna: Not today, human.

Stella: I need to get to Krystall....

Marceline: Okay, weird..........?

Aisha: Okay, did Stella just say "Krystal" or "Krystall", even "Krystalla"?

Stella: Whatever, just bring me to.... Krystal........


Stella: Dont call me a Stellat--- (Coughs)


Stella: I am not a Stellat..... (Finally gets up and slowly walks to the bar where she holds it)

Musa: Hahah, my "Stellat" joke worked!

Tecna: Okay, what "Stellat" joke?


Ms. Faragonda: Winx!

Bloom: (Says very fast) GUYS HIDE! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!

Jake: (Pulls them and hides) Hide!

Musa: Stella! Get over here!

Stella: Okay.... (Removes her hand out of the bar and crawls to the girls)

Musa: Dont crawl! Stand!

Ms. Faragonda: There is something outside. You must defeat it.

All: Okay, Ms.Faragonda.

Ms. Faragonda: Good. (Leaves)

Bloom: Guys, come out!


Flora: Easy there, "jumpy."


Tecna: Childish to be a hero.

Bloom: Sorry, but if they catch you out there, they are going to (Whispers to Finn) Kill you...


Bloom: Just stay there, we'll take hand of this.

Stella: Stay.......

Bloom: Magic Winx.....

All: SIRENIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Transforms)

BMO: BMO thinks that is cool.

Finn: Okay.

Adventure Time Meets WInx Club (Part 5)


Flora: Hey, that rhymed! Twice.

Bloom: LAVA JAB!! (Attacks)

Stella: Uggh.....

Monster: (Get attacked) BLABLABLABWOOO! DLABDLABDOO! (Attack Stella)

Stella: Help........

Flora: Stella! (Flies over to Stella) Gaia's Defense! (Makes a shield)


Jake: Whoa, dude.


Stella: Thanks.............................

Flora: Welcome.

Aisha: MORPHIX KICK! HIYAAAA! (Casts a spell from the leg)

Musa: PERCUSSIVE HIT! HIYAAA! (Casts a spell)

Aisha: Why do you have to copy me?

Musa: No! Whyy do you have to copy me?


Tecna: MUSA FLORA WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monster: (Attack Musa and Flora with laser eye)

Musa and Flora: AAAAAH! (Grunts) Uhhh...

Finn: BREAK OUTTTTTT!!!!!!!! (Destorys the window and breaks out)

Jake: UH OH!

Monster: (Attack Stella)

Stella: Ah.... (Grunts) Uhhh....... Help..........

Tecna: GENESIS BLOOOOOOW!!! (Attacks the monster but fails) Huh?

Monster: (Attacks Tecna)

Tecna: Uhhh! (Falls)

Finn: SLAY! (Kills the monster and fails the monster attacks Stellla)

Stella: Help........ Sooo weak......... (Faints)

Krystal: I'm here! (Runs and jumps very high and a background comes in) SUPERMAN!!!!!!!

Marceline: (Pushes background away) Get out from my scene!

Krystal: No, It's MY SCENE!

Marceline: DOES NOT!

Krystal: IT DOES!

(Krystal and Marceline starts fighting)

Bloom: Krystal! Marceline! Watch out!

(Both of them turns around)

Krystal and Marceline: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Both get hit)

Marceline: Now look who's the crybaby.

Krystal: I'm not a crybaby!

Marceline: Hey, I got a new name for you, Kryscrybaby.


(Starts fighting again)

Krystal: BACK OFF!

Marceline: NO YOU BACK OFF!




(Starts fighting again)

Krystal: (Climbs on top of Marceline) LOOK! I'M STANDING ON A (poofs up megaphone) MARBACKOFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marceline: Oh you think you are better than me huh? (grabs her megaphone and climbs on top of her) LOOK! I'M STANDING ON A KRYSCRYBABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marceline: IT'S NOT YOUR MEGAPHONE ITS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krystal: OH YEAH?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Starts fighting)

Stella: Guys.... (coughs) Oh man...


Jake: Okay, now that is the longest shout.

Krystal: NEVER IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marceline: HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krystal: UGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Starts fighting again)

Marceline: YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS KRYSCRYBABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krystal: Oh, "You will pay for this Kryscrybaby" (laughs)

Marceline: Are you mocking me? Ugh!

(Starts to fight again)

Krystal: Are you mocking me? ugh!

Marceline: Stop copying me, copycat!

Krystal: Stop copying me, copycat!

Marceline: Ugh!

(Starts fighting again)

Musa: Ahem, excuse me, we made the copycat idea first.

(Aisha gives an angry face to Musa)

Musa: Oh..... yeah. (Leaves)

Finn: There is always one thing I have to do.

PB: Not again...

Finn: YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! (removes is hat and shows his long golden hair)

(Stops fighting and looks at his long golden hair)

Krystal: Look at that cutenessssssssssss.............................. (Starts getting tired) IT'S MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Runs and pulls Finn's golden hair)

Marceline: NO, IT'S MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Runs and pulls Finn's golden hair)

Finn: Stop it, guys!

PB: That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Krystal: IT'S MINE!

Marceline: IT DOES NOT!


Stella: Guys...

Krystal: (Attacks Marceline) TAKE THAT! IT'S ALL MINE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thunder and lightning)

Bloom: When did the thunder and lightning come?

Marceline: (Jumps on Krystal) NO IT'S MINE!!!!!!!!!

(Starts fighting)

Finn: Hand me my sword, Jake!

Jake: Alright! (throws sword to Finn)

Finn: HIYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! (slashes sword to both of them and both fall down)

Krystal: Owww... you cut my gut....

Flora: Hey, that rhymes!

Marceline: Now I can call you the Krysrhymer!

Krystal: I'm not a KRYSRHYMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Starts fighting again)

10 Hours, 19 Minutes, and possibly Eleven Seconds Later...

Marceline: THE HAIR IS MINE!

Krystal: NO IT'S MINE!

Finn: Oh boy... guess I have to do it the hard way...

Jake: (Slow mo) DON'T DO IT!

Finn: (Slo mo) HIYAAAAAA! (Removes his pants)

Jake: Eww.

PB: Ewww.

BMO: Ewww.

Bloom: Ewww.

(Marceline and Krystal stop fighting and look at his underwear)

Marceline: Look at that....

Krystal: It looks like hot fresh meatloaf from the oven with salad and dressing on the side....  and a big nice cup of hot chilly tea....

Stella: (gets up, poofs of a censor bar, walks to Finn and puts the censor bar on his underwear)


Krystal: YOU ALSO RUINED OUR FREE DINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially the hot roasted meatloaf.

Marceline: GET HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Marceline, Krystal, and Stella start fighting)

Stella: Great, now I can call you a Marcrybaby!

Marceline: DON'T CALL ME A MARYCRYBABY!!!!!!!!!

Stella: Haha, you said a Marycrybaby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marceline: Now you said it too, Stelato!

Jake: Oh boy.


Adventure Time Meets Sailor Moon (Part 1)

Finn: I am bored. How bout' you, Jake?

Jake: *falls asleep*

Finn: Okay? Let's visit PB.

Jake: *sleeps*

Finn: *grabs Jake* JAKE! *runs out the door*

(At the Candy Kingdom, and Finn and Jake enter a large bouncy house that is called Kandy Kingdom)

PB: Hi Finn, hi Jake!

Finn: What is that thing?

Marceline:A bouncy house called Kandy Kingdom.

Jake: Cool.

(One hour later, Finn Jake and PB are bouncing)


Jake: YEAH!

(There is a black portal and a hand get Finn, Jake, PB and Marceline)

(They arrive at the Dark Kingdom)

Marceline: What is this.


Jake: WHAT!



Jake: Woah.

Queen Beryl: Jadeite! Come here!

Jadeite: Yes, my queen?

Queen Beryl: Go and destroy these people and Sailor Moon.

Sailor Mars: Don't worry, you have got backup! Agent of Love and Fire, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Mars! In the name of Mars, I will chastise you! Burning Mandala!

Jadeite: Do not worry, my queen. I will defeat them! Shield!

Finn: I WILL SLAY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *attacks*

Sailor Moon: Who are you?

Finn: I am Finn!

The Stupid Wish Part 1/2

In the Tree Fort Finn and Jake wakes up and Jake is bored because they want to adventure. Then they eat brekfast.

Finn:Im bored. You too Jake?

Jake:Yeah im bored. Lets go adventure.

(Both walk downstairs eating brekfast)

Jake:Want some more eggs Beemo?

Beemo:No thanks. Im full. I want some hot chocolate.

Finn Jake and Beemo heard a stomping noise.

Jake:What is that?

Finn:Lets go check it out.

Beemo:Wait for me!

They go outside.

Finn:Its a big monster! Lets slay it!

Monster:(Makes Portal)

Finn And Jake And Beemo:Aaaaaaaaaaah!

They got transported to the stupid cave.

Finn:Theres a note!

Jake:Welcome to Stupid Cave?

Monster:Im the Stupid Monster now if you want wishes come follow me to the end of this cave. There are trials ahead.

Beemo:Lets go get wishes!

They saw scorpions.



Jake:I got them

To be continued...............

Hot Mess

Ice King kidnaps Flame Princess. Bad idea.

Note: Australia would probably never let this episode on CNA because they'd think that Ice King kidnapping FP would show signs of Pedophilla.

So far, I don't have a script for the episode, but it starts with Finn and Jake saving Music Princess from the Ice King. After they save her and beat up the Ice King, Ice King looks over at his wall, which has pictures of all the princesses on it. Almost all the pictures have black "X"s drawn on them. Ice King sighs and draws an X over Music Princess's picture, then notices that there's one princess he HASN'T tried to marry yet: FLAME PRINCESS! To be continued...


Flame Princess has a new design in this episode.

Kasari Baretu guest stars as the voice actress for Music Princess.

Jake and Me-Mow vs K-Mow

Me-Mow is own the verge of completing her assassin's training. For the Guild of Assassins to recognize her as one, she must first defeat her older brother K-Mow in a duel. K-Mow is a 1st class assassin, outranking Me-Mow (who is a 2nd class assassin), and has the expert sniper Shangle at his side. Me-Mow knows that she cannot defeat K-Mow and Shangle on her own, so she turns to an unlikely ally for help.

At the Tree Fort, Finn and Jake are drawn to the attention of a murder at the Squeeze-E-Mart. They go to investigate, and Me-Mow jumps into Jake's ear. Jake feels something and goes outside to see what it is. Me-Mow then reveals herself and confides in him that she committed the murder only so she could ask him for his help in the duel. When Jake asks why he should help an assassin, Me-Mow replies that "if K-Mow wins, he will become a full member of the GOA and commit numerous murders. Jake attempts to get Finn, but is stopped by Me-Mow, who claims that Finn will "jeopardize the mission".

Jake and Me-Mow head to a miniature coliseum, where Jake shifts into a tiny cat to avoid suspucion from the GOA. Inside, they duel K-Mow and Shangle. Shangle is armed with a laser rifle, while K-Mow carries a syringe full of poison more potent than even Me-Mow's. Despite their combined skill, they are defeated and by Jake. Jake and Me-Mow are subsequently awarded medals for completing the training. Outside the coliseum, Me-Mow pulls her dagger out and slashes at Jake. Jake turns giant, however, and stomps on Me-Mow, ending the episode.

Alien Invaderz

Finn and Jake are exploring the Shiney Isles. They discover a strange formation of rocks that Jake believed "didn't look normal". They further investigate the monument and discover a large crystal in the center of the formation. As the heroes move in to retrieve the crystal, the evil Greywhack and his army of Gemstone Demons came out of the blue and started firing fireballs. Greywhack stated it was his his intention to steal the crystal. A brief skirmish ensued, ending when a stray fireball hit the crystal. It then emitted a signal into the sky. With Greywhack gone and the crystal reduced to dust, Finn and Jake go home. 

Later, a UFO emerges from a portal and enters the atmosphere. Finn and Jake are alerted to the UFO's prescene at the monument and head back there. But before they can do anything, the UFO emits an energy burst, striking Finn and causing him to vanish into thin air. Jake was rendered unconscious.

A disoriented Jake awakens inside the Tree Fort, seeing BMO and NEPTR standing over him. When he asks where Finn is, BMO sadly replies that he was vaporized by the UFO. Jake's heart is broken. He runs to his bedroom where he cries into his pillow. His camera phone then rings. Jake answers the phone and says sadly "Hello?" To his suprise, it is Finn at the phone. An overjoyed Jake then asks "You, you survived?!" Finn informs him that his body has been digitally stored and his consciousness remains active within the UFO. NEPTR builds a device that hopefullt will extract Finn from the UFO. Jake goes back to monument with it and is attacked by Iron Owls. While trying to shake off the owls, he inaverdently drops the device and breaks it. Enraged, Jake attacks the owls withcries for Finn. One of the owls comes in contact with one of the stones, activating it and revealing the entire formation is a single device. The UFO opens in response, and Finn materializes. The episode ends with Finn and Jake sharing a tender hug.

Note: Greywhack and the Gemstone Demons are real characters from the episode "The Glorriors" However, the episode was scrapped, so they never appeared on the show

Lodge of Darkness

Finn and Jake are starting to notice how Peppermint Butler is happy every single Friday, so they decide to spy on him and and see why he is always so happy. That night, Peppermint Butler goes inside of his room and locks the door. He draws a PHIL FACE on the wall, douses it in bug milk, and then chants "Maloso vobiscum et cum spiritum". A portal to the Nightosphere opens, and Peppermint Butler heads through. Finn and Jake come out from under his desk and follow him through. 

Peppermint Butler goes inside of a strange lodge, in which Finn and Jake infiltrate. Peppermint Butler changes into a costume, then hangs out with Death and Hunson Abadeer. Finn and Jake are subsequently caught by security guards. Peppermint Butler is held accountable for this and is banned for life. Peppermint Butler is infuriated and states that he no longer wishes to see Finn and Jake. The heroes feel bad for getting their friend kicked out, so Finn devises a plan in which Jake shifts into a giant monster to scare the members while Peppermint Butler "saves" them. The plan works and Peppermint Butler is allowed back in. At the end, when he is questioned about his activities with figures such as Abadeer and Death, Peppermint Butler simply replies that "there is more to him than meets the eye".

The Gem

Simple synopsis:

An evil guy sucks the whole world of Ooo into a red gem, and Finn and Jake are trying to catch him before he reaches the ELBOW Pit of Death (Extra Long Bottomless Oh-so-long Wide Pit of Death).  The evil dude warps through different universes, or what it really is, different SHOWS (Adenture Time, Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball).  do the rest! Plot:

Finn and Jake are playing Beemo and PB knocks the door.

Finn:Open the bridge dude!

Jake:Dude im drinking. Beemo pause the game.

PB:(Knocks the door)

Finn:(Opens door) Hi PB!

PB:Finn Jake Beemo! I told everyone except you 3 that the evil guy has a gem is gonna suck the land of ooo also diffrent shows!

Finn:Lets slay that evil dude!

All the pepole of ooo gathered in the Grasslands.

PB:Ok so lets find that dude in his cave because hes gonna suck the world into the ELBOW Pit Of Death!

Jake:Can we help the other shows?

PB:Ok but first 3 shows first is us second is regular show and third is amazing world of gumball. Who first?

Finn:Regular Show.

PB:Lets go in this portal!

All go in the portal and they are in Regular Show.

PB:Ok lets look for some pepole to warn to.

Rigby:Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! There is some-







Mordeci:YOUR A TURD!



Rigby:Who are you guys?

Finn:We come from a diffrent show it is adventure time.

PB:I can explain the problem.The evil dude has a red gem and its gonna suck your show!

Strachy:Lets bring your face call all the pepole in this show to come with me to amazing world of gumball show!

They went to amazing world of gumball show.


Finn:Its ok we are for diffrent shows PB can explain.

PB:The evil dude is gonna suck up your show with a red gem!

They all went to the cave.

Rigby:There it is! 

Finn:Lets slay it!

Rigby gets The Power.

Rigby:Send that evil dude to the moon! Send that evil dude to the moon!

Episode ends.

The Other World Around

The story starts in Finn and Jake's house, where in they were deciding on what to do for the day while playing B-mo. They were very, very bored.

Finn: Hey Jake, what's on your mind?

Jake: Nothing much. hehe.

Finn: Don't you think what we're doing right now is pretty boring?

Jake: Yeah, I do. Something on yer mind?

Finn: Let's visit PB.

Jake: You got it!

When Finn and Jake arrived inside the Kingdom, they saw PB with Marceline.

Finn: Hi Princess Bubblegum and Marcy. What're you guys doing here?

Marceline: Hello Finn. Me and Bubblegum were making some chemicals for the whole day. What made you go here?

Jake: Nah, we're just pretty bored. Need help or something?

Marceline: Oh sure, why don't you pour these chemicals on tubes while me and Princess Bubblegum finish this?

Finn: What are you guys doing anyway?

Marceline: I don't know, Bubblegum just gone to my house earlier, and she said she needs help. So I come over. She's pretty busy right now.

Finn: PB?

Princess Bubblegum: The chemicals in the couldron are not working right, somethings not right here! Definitely!

Finn: PB, are you okay?

Princess Bubblegum: Good gosh, Finn. What're you doing here? I'm busy right now, so talk to you later. I'm gonna pour and make this chemicals so, don't disturb me. Just pour those tubes, ANY TUBES!

Finn: Okay. *Whispers to Jake: Do you think PB is okay? Or just that she's busy?*

Jake: *Whispering to Finn: Nah, she's just busy. Let's end this tubes.*

Finn: Oh. Okay.

Finn and Jake rushed over the table.

There were Orange, Blue, Red, Violet, and Black Tube.

Finn: What are we gonna do with this stuff?

Jake: Just pour them all and give them to PB. She just said that to pour it all.

Finn: Okay.

Then, PB shouts at Finn and Jake.

Princess Bubblegum: Finn, Jake! Do not pour the Black Tube! You get it?

Finn: Yes PB.

Jake: Okie dokie.

Finn and Jake pours all the chemicals to a big tube, and it changes it color to Green.

Jake: Wow, it looks awesome.

Finn: Yeah it does!

When Jake extended his arm, the black tube was accidentally poured to the big tube without the two of them knowing.

Finn: Hey Princess! Here's the tube!

Princess Bubblegum: Perfect! This is good!

Finn: For what?

Princess Bubblegum: No more questions Finn, let's pour this tube into the Couldron once and for all!

When PB poured the potion into the Couldron, a portal was flowing through up the couldron.

Princess Bubblegum: What?! No! Impossible! I failed my job!

Finn: What?

Jake: What job?

Marceline: *sighs* Ugh, Finn, Jake, you poured the Black Tube, didn't you?

Finn n Jake: No we didn't!!!

Marceline: Why don't you look at the tube?

Finn and Jake was shocked because they accidentally poured the Black Tube.

Finn: Princess.... we're very sorry!

Princess Bubblegum: It's too late Finn!

Then, the portal was sucking up the four of them-- PB, Finn, Jake, and Marceline.

All: AGHHH!!!!

  • Idea: The portal was leading these four humans to the other world connected to the World. They're still in the same place, but they're in the world of Marshall Time. So, everyone, is gender changed. The candy people too, are gender changed.

Then, the four of them was transported in the same place.

Princess Bubblegum: U-ugh, w-what happened?

Finn: We're still here! Woohoo!

Jake: Yeah!

Marceline: G-guys.... I don't think we're still in... the Kingdom of PB....

Finn and Jake: Why?

  • Marceline points at Prince Bubblegum*
  • Finn and Jake shocked*

Finn: Another PB?! IMPOSSIBLE!

Jake: WHAT?!

Princess Bubblegum: Oh no... what is happening here!!??

Marceline: Whatever, let's get out of here!

All four of them rushed out the Candy Kingdom.

Finn: *exhausted* Wait, if there's a female Bubblegum on our side, why is there a male Bubblegum?

Jake: Yeah, I think my brain is gonna explode.

Princess Bubblegum: *whispering to herself: I knew this was going to happen...* Anyway guys! Let's go to Finn and Jake's house!

Finn and Jake: OKAY!

The four of them go in Finn and Jake's house.

Finn: Here we are!

Jake: Let's go in! Let's go in!

When Jake was opening the door, she saw THE FEMALE VERSION OF FINN AND JAKE, who it is? It's Fionna and Cake.

Finn: *shocked*! Who are you?! Why are you living in this house?!

Jake: Hey you cat! Who are you and what are you doing in this house?! This is ours--

While Jake was speaking, Marceline and PB noded carried the shoulder of the two.

Princess Bubblegum: Calm down, you two.

  • Finn and Jake exhausted*

Fionna: Hold on, who are you guys?

Cake: This is our house, what are you doing here?

Then Marshall Lee comes over, flying.

Marshall Lee: Yohohoho~ hey.......... guys?

Marceline: WHAT!? A male version of me?! Like where in the world are we!? Really?!

Marshall Lee: Wait a second. Who are you?

Marceline: Well, who are you too?!

Princess Bubblegum: Guys, guys! Calm down! I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys. The couldron that I was mixing was a portal to another planet. Accidentally, Finn and Jake poured the Black tube/potion into the big tube where I will mix the couldron with! That's why..... I failed.... we are not in another planet, but in another world..... into the world where all of us are gender swapped, and is different from our world in where we came from.

Finn: Oh, so that's why! So this female version of me is also a hero?

Princess Bubblegum: Yes, she is a hero too. Everyone in this world and our world have the same characteristics like being a vampire, hero, pet, etc. Everything is the same but all are gender swapped.

Finn: So, that means.... the Ice King is now an Ice Queen?

  • PB faces to Fionna*

Fionna: What? About the Ice Queen? Yeah, she's a she. Why do you guys ask?

  • Princess Bubblegum pats Fionna's shoulder*

Princess Bubblegum: Do I look familiar to you?

Fionna: Yes... yes you do.... You look like Prince Bubblegum.

Princess Bubblegum: How about her? *points at Marceline*

Fionna: She looks like ... *points to Marshall Lee* ... Marshall Lee....

Princess Bubblegum: See! Everything is gender swapped! Take your time you guys meeting another you.

  • Then, everyone meets and chats up with their twins. After meeting with them, everyone did adventures and etc, while Princess Bubblegum is busy with making another couldron for them to return to their real world.*

Hours later, (it was already night)

  • Everyone was so happy when they got back to Finn and Jake's, no, Fionna and Cake's house*

Finn: Haha! That was fun!

Fionna: Yes it was! Totally! Two heroes with the same powers defeated the Ice Queen in seconds!

Jake: Hey, it was nice meeting you.

Cake: You too. That was fun!

Jake: Yeah, we got to the mountains, wolf's den, and everything! This day is really unforgettable.

Marceline: Haha. *blushes* It was nice meeting you. What was your name again? Marshall Lee, right? We have the same names, but a little differences.

Marshall Lee: Yeah, you too. Yep! We have the same names but a little differences. Today was fun!

Marceline: That guitar you have, it was really, really awesome!

Marshall Lee: Do you have something like that too?

Marceline: Yep I do. But not as cooler than yours.

  • Marshall Lee smiles, then Marceline blushed*

Princess Bubblegum: Everyone! I have made the potion! The potion that will make us return to our real world!

Then, Prince Bubblegum came in.

Prince Bubblegum: Is there a party here? Hey guys, I made a potion to make us go to another planet!

Fionna: We won't help you this time, we already know what's going to happen.

Prince Bubblegum: What do you mean by that?

Fionna: Look at them. (Fionna points up to everyone, and explaining what happened, after explaining what happened, Fionna last pointed Princess Bubblegum. And they found themselves talking to each other.)

But, time was moving. The portal opens up in Fionna and Cake's house, sucking them all up. Then, all the people in the Fionna and Cake's house were sucked up. At this time, Fionna, Cake, Marshall Lee, and Prince Bubblegum found themselves in the another world where Finn and Jake lives. Endless adventures! :D



so this episode would start out long before the mushroom war,  when simon (the ice king) was young. he was extremely lonely and alos had a crazed obsession with bubble gum. so, he decides to make his own bride out of it. he made the perfect woman for him. and thus, princess bubble gum was born! when the mushroom war came about, simon finds the crown and goes all crazy as you know. PB didnt find this very sexy, so she left him. she invented a machine that would freze her and thaw her out again when the war was over. being very sad, simon decided to erase his memory of PB altogether. the episode then leads into the simon and marcy special.

in the present day with finn and jake and stuff, PB still remembers that ice king created her, but doesnt feel comfortable talking about it. the ice king does not remember, but he is still attrachted to her because he made into the perfect woman for him, and only him...

please give feed back, i really think that this should be on adventure time!

Dimension Hunters 


Gabriel and Joaquim, two adventurers, became lost in two different dimensions. Joaquim in the snow dimension while Gabriel, in the Adventure Time dimension.


This episode starts with 2 boys, closing a portal in an ice dimension. Who close the portal is Gabriel, with this Portal Gun always in his backpack. The other guy is Joaquim, the prince with star powers (Prince Starco). Joaquim starts to fly.

Joaquim: I'll fly, maybe I can find another portal faster.

Gabriel: Ok. I guess my H.S.W. (Heat Signature Watch) can see you.

Joaquim flies and go away over the scene, while Gabriel stills walking in the snow. He follows Joaquim by his H.S.W., but Joaquim starts to fly faster and he can't follow him well. The H.S.W stopped working. Gabriel looks back and see the Fire King.


Joaquim appears and starts to launch lightings at the Fire King, however, he is too fast to be attacked. 


Gabriel: Talk?

Fire King: Yes, I found this while following you.

Fire King shows a little piece of the Portal Gun. This piece allows the Portal Gun create new portals in whatever dimension.

Gabriel: Ok... Give me the piece.

Fire King: If you allow me to follow you guys...

Joaquim: Just give the piece, you can go home with us.

Fire King gives the piece to Joaquim. When Joaquim touches it, the ice dimension starts to desintegrate.

Gabriel: We must find the other portal!

Fire King, Gabriel and Joaquim runned away. When they found the portal to their dimension, Fire King and Gabriel entered, however, Joaquim doesn't entered, and got jailed in the snow dimension. Joaquim used his powers to fly and find another portal. 


Fire King: What? A tree house?

Gabriel: Seems like my house. 

Fire King: No, I can feel this. That isn't your tree house.

Gabriel and Fire King entered the house. Finn and Jake appeared with BMO.

BMO: Finn, Jake! Don't kill them!

Jake: And why? They're evil!

BMO: No! They're my friends. 

Gabriel hugged BMO. Fire King flied away.

Jake: Where's the fire guy?

Finn: Wait... He flied away! I can see him here!

Jake became a giant Jake and Finn sit in his back. Finn and Jake followed him. However, Fire King started to throw fire balls in Finn. Finn falls from Jake's back.

Gabriel: Ok, BMO. Seems like they need help. Wait here.

Gabriel jumped and took his steel sword. He punched Fire King in the face and gave him a sword stroke. Fire King flied away. Jake took Gabriel and put him in the grass with Finn.

Finn: Man, what was that? What you did with your sword?

Gabriel: It's called "Sword Stroke". 


Joaquim was sitting, resting in the snow. The snow starts to shake. When he looks, the snow is disappearing! 

Joaquim: Wait... I have an C.S.I (Communication System Item). 

Joaquim called Gabriel. However, he didn't called back.

Joaquim: If nobody come... I'll DIE!

Ponptc (talk) 20:26, November 25, 2013 (UTC)



  • Beemo knew that Gabriel is his friend. 
  • The H.S.W. is an watch, that shows the heat signature of someone who's close. Seems like Princess Bubblegum's watch.

Wreck It Finn


Finn (Ralph) is tired of being the bad guy in his game.


Nothing yet.


By: Charlzthehuman11

Arrival of Finn the Human


Finn was new in the home of is "creator"


nothing yet


  • Finn (charlzthehuman11)
  • Mario
  • Yellow Ranger
  • Luigi
  • Princess Bubblegum (charlzthehuman11) (cameo)

By: Charlzthehuman11

Adventure Time Toy Adventures

nothing yet

By: Charlzthehuman11

Jake and Lady Rainicorn's Wedding

Plot:Jake and Lady Rainicorn are getting married but PB made a robot invention so it can decorate faster but Finn and Jake acidentally spill the evil potion on it.Now Jake and LR are transported into another world where everyone is gender swapped and they need to escape before the wedding starts.


[Its starts Finn riding a motorcycle that looks like candy that he barrowed from PB]

Finn:Here is your invitation Marceline.

Marceline:Thanks Finn!

[He rides to the Candy Kingdom]


Finn:Oh hey PB.Whatya makin?

PB:Oh a new robot


PB:So we can decorate faster for the wedding.

Finn:Oh can I help ill call Jake.

PB:Yes you can.

[Finn goes to the room where Jake and LR are changing]

Finn:Hi Jake.Hi LR.

LR:SPEAK KOREAN (Oh,Hello Finn.)

Jake:Hey dude! Whats up?

Finn:PB needs our help.

[At PB's Lab]

PB:Oh hello Finn.

Finn:Were ready to help.

PB:Ok just pour orange tube blue tube and mix but not the green tube.

Finn:Ok ill do the pouring

Jake:I will do the mixinng

[Jake mixes and Finn pours]

Finn:Hey bro

Jake:What bro?

Finn:I wonder what the green tube is for.............

Jake:Ok lets pour it


Finn and Jake: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finn: OH NO!

Jake: Were all out of sugar, spice, and everything nice!!!


Finn and Jake: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hunson gives birth to a bunch of babies but knows nothing about raising them. So, he asks Jake for some advice on taking care of them, however, the babies are demon babies which Jake doesn't know about, which turns out to be a complete and total disaster.