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Emerald Princess makes her first appearance in the episode "Prisoners of Love," when she's kidnapped by Ice King. She also appears in the episode "Loyalty to the King," where she is one of the princesses who wants to meet the Nice King. Emerald Princess is also one of the princesses that gets rejected by Nice King. She made a cameo appearance in the episode "Ricardio the Heart Guy," when Ricardio was giving Lumpy Space Princess a Best Friend Massage. She also makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Mortal Recoil," as one of the people following Princess Bubblegum into the hospital, and in the episode "Wizard Battle," she is seen sitting in the audience of the event. She technically doesn't have a crown.


She is dressed in green robes with a large green gem on top of her head that acts as a crown. Her skin is green and she has a long nose.