Earl of Lemongrab








Candy Person


Princess Bubblegum (creator)

Lemongrab 2 (Clone)


Finn, Princess Bubblegum (partially)

Voice Actor

Justin Roiland

The Earl of Lemongrab is a screaming lemon person with anger issues as well as the ruler of the Lemon Kingdom. He is the first of Princess Bubblegum's experiments to go horribly wrong. His catchphrase is "Unacceptable!" and he is also a neat freak.


He was created much like Frankenstein, was created on a table in a lab, and he is technically next in line for the throne in the Candy Kingdom. Lemongrab is not very smart, has a short temper, and owns a Lemon Horse. In the episode "Too Young," he takes the throne while Princess Bubblegum is too young to rule the kingdom. Finn and Princess Bubblegum spend the episode tormenting the Earl, trying to get him to quit his royal position. In the end, this fails, and the only way they can overthrow his rule is by turning Bubblegum back to her original age. Because of his short temper, he is extremely hard to get along with. If even the slightest problem occurs, he will punish them terribly, for example: 1,000,000 years dungeon! he sends everyone to the dungeon as punishment with no trials. He has been falling down a lot and hasn't been noticed to get damaged or groan in pain. This means that his body is made out of hard candy. He doesn't know where food comes from. And when he said one million years dungeon, it is impossible, because it will take 5 years for Princess Bubblegum to turn back into 18. He made another major appearance in "You Made Me!," where he asks Princess Bubblegum for citizens. In the episode "Mystery Dungeon," he is trapped in a dungeon with Shelby, Ice King, NEPTR, and Tree Trunks. In the episode Another Five More Short Graybles", he ate Lemongrab 2 out of rage. These events were further continued in the episode "Too Old" where Lemongrab was very fat and Lemongrab 2 was very beaten up and had bite marks taken out of him. It was revealed in this episode that he had become more evil and insane than he usually has been before and he tortured the lemon people in the lemon kingdom. In the end of the episode, he took over the kingdom and ruled over it himself with an iron fist.


He looks has a lemon body and a nose simliar to the Ice King. He has round teeth, a green tounge, and black oval shaped eyes. He has a sword, specifically called his, Sound Sword and has been used only once, which was in the episode "You Made Me!" He wears a black body suit with buttons, he has black shoes, and he has a sash over his waist with a small lime in the middle.


His personality with neatness is mostly because since he is lemon. Lemon has acid properties. He doesn't get along with other people. He is not evil. Lemongrab has a point where he might be cruel or harmfully to the candy people, but not intentionally.

Episode Apperances


Too Young

  • Look at this castle ... look at everything in it ... this ... is ... UNACCEPTABLLLLE!!!!!!!!
  • You! Are you the ruler of this place?
  • Well, this place is UNACCEPTABLE!!!
  • OOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Did you just hit me? Did you just ... That kind of behavior is UNACCEPTABLE!!!
  • It's just a joke ... for laughs ... ha ... ha ... ha ha ha ... HA HA HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-Twelve years dungeon. Twelve years dungeon right now no trial just twelve years dungeon.

You Made Me

  • All unfit citizens must be reconditioned... RECONDITIONED!
  • You must HEED my INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mystery Dungeon

  • You serve no function... You must be Destroyed.

All Your Fault

  • It's all her fault!
  • All your fault! We warned you! We warned you about us!

Another Five More Short Graybles

  • No, he wants to dance!
  • We hate you.

Too Old

  • Welcome to our sophisticated society.
  • Time for the floor show!
  • Unacceptable!
  • How dare you release my prisoners?! You've turned soft Lemongrab! Soft like an old graham cracker! YOURE SOFT!!!
  • You're too old for pranks, Princess! TOO OLD!!!
  • Ive tried imprisoning, I've tried reconditioning! You leave me no choice! LEMON CHILDREN, ATTACK!!!


  • He appeared again in "You Made Me!"
  • He was originally supposed to be named Lemonsnatch, but censoring policies are maybe to blame for the name change.
  • Apparently, as said in "You Made Me!," Princess Bubblegum is his "glob."
  • There is a clone of him, which is the only citizen of Lemongrab.
  • He is technically older than 17, because Candy Kingdom Law requires that you must be 18 or older to rule the Candy Kingdom.
  • Lemongrab was made when Princess Bubblegum was 18 in her laboratory.
  • Lemongrab and Princess Bubblegum have a complicated relationship, similar to Marceline and her dad.


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