Dream of Love Song Adv. Time

This is for the song. If you're looking for the episode of the same name, click here.

Dream of Love is a song sung in the episode of the same name, "Dream of Love." Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks sing it as a duet.


Tree Trunks: Dream of love, is it really over? Can I overcome these tears?

I close my eyes, feel that he’s still with me, still standing with me here.

Pig: Dream of love, are we truly parted? Must this pig forever walk alone?

In my dreams, our love is just a dream to me. But in my heart, it lives, and breathes, and grows.

Tree Trunks: And even though, we ain’t allowed to be together, I cross my heart and promise to be true.

Pig: Well, I’m still lovin’ you, girl; from halfway-cross this great, big world. And in my dreams, I’m holding hands with you.

Both: Dream of love, dream of love, it’s only a dream of love,

Dream of love, dream of lo-o-ove, It’s only a dream… Of love.

Tree Trunks: I close my eyes, and feel his arms around me. In my dreams, he’s not so far away.

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