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The Desert of Doom (also referred to as the Desert Lands) is an area of Ooo that is thought to be very dangerous. In the episode "The Other Tarts," Finn and Jake transport the royal tarts through this desert, and run into a number of its inhabitants including Grimby, Taddle, JJ, Chuds, and a Butterfly With Laser Gun. They also run into apparently dangerous blind zombies in a dark cave, so for the short while, it's seen the Desert of Doom lives up to its name. The land here is covered with rock formations and a surprisingly large number of wrecked ships, indicating that the desert might have been underwater at one time, before the Mushroom War. There are also large amounts of whale skeletons.

The Desert is located near the Bad Lands, separated by a mountain range.

The desert was seen again for the first time since season 2 in "Five Short Graybles," when Finn and Jake were going to have a "super ultimate high-five." Jake uses the whale skeleton to slingshot himself with his Stretchy Powers. It is later seen again in The Great Bird Man where Xergiok lives there with a bunch of big birds.

Breakfast Kingdom is located in the desert, as seen in the episode "Hitman."


It has lots of caves and bones, which look like Dinosaur Bones, in the desert, making it a bit of a chilling place. It is full of sand, like normal deserts.