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Chet first appeared in "Slumber Party Panic," where he got scared by an unknown noise. In "The Real You," he is seen arguing with Peppermint Butler to barbeque meat. He made a cameo appearance in "Too Young," "Five Short Graybles," and "Goliad." He is mentioned in the Candy Kingdom Song, in the line "Chocoberry and Chet have icing on their crowns."


  • Chet can be seen walking without his chocolate covering when PB calls them to the castle.
  • He can be seen being expelled from Jake's body in the episode "Goliad."
  • Chet and Peppermint Butler seem to be rivals, as shown in the episode "The Real You."
  • He and Chocoberry are the only known Candy People with chocolate icing on their head/body.