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This is for the game. If you are looking for the episode, click here.

Card Wars is a card game that is played in the episode of the same name, "Card Wars." It is yet to be known how the game is played. The rules are "super complicated" and it took Jake two hours to explain the basic rules to Finn. The gameplay looks very similar to various card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokèmon and Magic the Gathering. Jake made a bet that the loser must drink something gross, but that was only for that game between Finn and Jake.


Official cards.

Though most of the rules haven't been explained, there are some basics.

  • You must "floop" land cards to have them appear on the map.
  • To have a card fight or do an action, you must activate it.
  • At the start of every turn, you must discard a card and draw a new one.
  • There are two phases in a turn: a action phase, and a battle phase.

Notable Cards

  • Silo of Truth - A silo that reveals opponent's cards and allows the user to pick one of his/her choice
  • Husker Knights - Knights in calvary made of corn, travels in groups.
  • Ancient Scholar - A player that can be learned many things like the raise the dead ability.
  • Cool Dog - Accompannied with the Ancient Scholar, it is a dog with shades.
  • Pig - Creature that only eats corn. Used in destroying corn, that causes energy loss in all units that dry energy in corn.
  • Cerebral Bloodstorm - A giant flying brain that rains blood.
  • Spirit Tower - A structure that can turn enemy units in to allies.
  • Cave of Solitude - It is unknown what is its use, for it was only used for a place for the pig to take a nap.
  • Immortal Maze Walker - A spirit that looks like Cinnamon Bun's shape.
  • Reclaim Landscape Spell - A spell that brings back every structure of the player.
  • Teleport - Allows a unit of player to travel at any part of the map. But it does not makes an opponent's unit at any area.
  • Wandering Bald Man - A unit that does nothing but wander around the player's territiry
  • Archer Dan - An Archer made of corn that fires arrows made out of corn as well. The arrows are extremely powerful. It can destroy a building in just one arrow.


  • This game was originally titled "Card Quest," as was the episode.