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Adventure Time - Candy Kingdom

Candy Kingdom Song is a song about candy kingdom inhabitants. It is aired during commercial about Adventure Time.


In the Land of Ooo is a Candy Kingdom

Whose sidewalks you can eat

And everyone who lives in there

Is made of something sweet

There are many Candy People

Far too many for to name

But if you care to take a dare

We'll try it just the same

(You sure?)

Mr. Cupcake and Starchy

Are strong as they can be

Pineapple Guy and Peppermint Butler

Have musicality

About that Peppermint Butler

A peculiar type of guy

And once a drop of spicy serum

Fell into his eye

Cinnamon Bun is a lot of fun

When he's not falling down

Chocoberry and Chet

Have icing on their crowns

Doctor Ice Cream and Doughnut

Will fix you up real well

There's even a Nurse Poundcake

To keep you feelin' swell

Dr. Dextrose showed up once

At the Science Barbecue

Made a speech then grumbled something

And off again he flew

Earl of Lemongrab can be a crab

He rides a Sour Horse

There's Taffy Girl and Candy Bar Guy

And Manfried, of course


Colonel Candy Corn and Candy Cane Guy

Are not the best seat mates

Lollipop Girl and Ice Cream Guy

Were once seen on a date

Marshmallow Kids

Banana Guards

Jelly Horse

And Gelatin Man

Gumdrop Lasses and Ice Cream Lady

Royal Tart Toter...

(Eat My Tarts?)

Royal Tart Toter


Green Gumdrop Dude

And a Grape Popsicle Guy...

In the Land of Ooo is a Candy Kingdom

Whose song is now complete

Except for one more candy person

Who really can't be beat

Her best friend is a Rainicorn

She rides a royal swan

Ruling with a chewy fist

It's Princess Bubblegum

In the Land of Ooo is a Candy Kingdom

In the Land of Ooo is a Candy Kingdom