Candy kingdom
The Candy Kingdom is the place where almost all of the candy people live. It is located in northwestern of Ooo. Princess Bubblegum rules this area, and lives in the Candy Castle in the center of town. Most of its inhabitants are some kind of candy or sweet-toothed food people, and almost everything in the Candy Kingdom is edible. It has been shown in a large number of Adventure Time episodes and is the most visited place in Adventure Time, besides the Tree Fort. It was first shown in the episode "Slumber Party Panic," where it was being attacked by the candy zombies. In the episode "Too Young," the Earl of Lemongrab took the throne, because Princess Bubblegum was not 18, the age for one to assume the throne.

Geographical Layout

The place lies in a open area between The Cotton Candy
Forest and The Rock Candy Mountains. The Candy Kingdom has a system of protection, which are the two Gumball Guardians on the sides. The Candy Kingdom holds a castle in the center. The kingdom has a dark side to it as shown in "Apple Thief," when Finn made a remarked if Princess Bubblegum knew about the place. Jake also used to "hock" stolen bikes when he went to the dark side, because he was younger, and he didn't know it was wrong. He also used to steal old lady's purses. This is the place where Finn, Jake, and Tree Trunks first met Mr. Pig.


  • The kingdom's military is ineffective in the episode "Susan Strong," but they seem to have advanced dramatically in the episode "Princess Cookie," because they have candy cane rifles and Chinook-like attack helicopters.
  • The kingdom is being protected from evil by the Guardians of the Royal Promise. This is shown in the episodes "Slumber Party Panic," "Mortal Recoil" and "Reign Of Gunters."
  • Finn had said in "No One Can Hear You," "Is everyone at church, worshiping glob?" signifying that there is a religion in the Kingdom.
  • The Candy Kingdom has its own sewer system as seen in the episode "No One Can Hear You."
  • The sidewalk there is brittle candy.
  • The Candy Kingdom has a Mental Hospital.
  • The gate at the entrance is made of pretzels.
  • There are many characters in the Candy Kingdom that aren't made of candy, such as Banana Guards and Chocoberry.
  • The Candy Kingdom(including its inhabitats) was promoted in the Candy Kingdom Song.
  • It was shown in Hug Wolf that the guns used are candy canes.
  • The Candy Kingdom seems to have evolved a lot, for they now have more transportations like trucks and airplanes, as seen in Root Beer Guy.


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