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Beautopia is the 14th episode of Season 3 of Adventure Time. It first aired November 7, 2011.


Susan Strong asks Finn and Jake to defeat the Lub Glubs and regain her old home, Beautopia.


Finn and Jake are in the Kitchen of there Tree Fort, preparing to get coffee, Until Susan Strong burst through the wall, Susan ask Finn and Jake for Help, and tells them she needs Finn's "power" of creating Fire. The scene then changes to Finn, Jake, and Susan in the Lair of the Hyoomans, Susan tells the Hyoomans that she will return, and Jake tells them he will be a "Dolphin", which frightings the Hyoomans. Susan tells Finn they'll swim, but Finn tells Susan that he doesn't have Gill's like the Hyoomans, but Susan takes this as a joke and puts Finn face under the water, Finn starts drowning, Jake quickly stops Susan, Susan is shocked by the fact Finn really doesn't have Gills, she then tells them they'll a Boat.

Finn, Susan, and Jake are now on the boat, Susan explains that the must light the "Heart of Beautopia" and how the Lub Glubs took over Beautopia and wrecked it. Susan then draws a picture of a Lub Glub, which Jake saids looks like his Mother. They then approach the Clashing Gates and Susan sends the boat at full speed, but half of the boat makes it, but everyone is intacted.

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