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Be More is the 28th episode of Season 5 and the 132nd of Adventure Time. It aired July 22, 2013.


BMO accidentally causes a malfunction in him. So Finn and Jake head over to the factory where BMO was created to try to get him repaired.


BMO hides underneath a cardboard box in the Tree Fort. BMO brings up a file manager interface on its screen, and drags and drops files into a trash can, causing it to giggle and hallucinate squiggles and stars. BMO repeats this process, but accidentally selects and deletes coresystemdrivers.sys. Deleting this crucial program causes BMO to collapse.

Finn and Jake prop BMO up on some cushions. BMO, stuttering, explains that it needs to install new core system drivers, which they can find at the MO factory in the Bad Lands, where BMO was born. BMO leads Finn and Jake there, but warns them that damaged MOs get full memory wipes before they are repaired, and it makes Finn and Jake promise not to let this happen to it. BMO then explains that only MOs are allowed in the factory. Jake shape-shifts into a MO, and Finn pretends to be a MO by stuffing his head and arms into his shirt, using BMO as his head.

Finn and Jake request new core system drivers from the robotic MO factory receptionist, who then threatens them with a full personality wipe. Finn backtracks, claiming that they had only visited the factory for nostalgic purposes. The receptionist then leads them on a complementary factory tour on a tram. On the tour, Finn, Jake and BMO spy the driver ports through which BMO can download its core system drivers. They jump off the tram, only to find that the B port (the only port compatible with BMO) isn't there. The factory's security guards appear and shoot their vaporization guns at the three, who dodge out of the way just in time. Mistakenly believing that they have successfully vaporized the intruders, the guards leave.

The guards return to a staff lounge for small talk. Jake shape-shifts into one of them, carrying Finn and BMO on his shoulders. BMO explains that if it can connect to one of the guards' ports, it can hack into its computer and find where the B port is. Jake plugs BMO into one of the guards, recovering a map to the B port, and then the three leap out of Jake's disguise. They re-board the tram, with the security guards in hot pursuit. They follow the map to the B port, falling off the tram and crashing through several floors before landing.

The security guards fall soon after, brandishing their vaporization guns at the three, before BMO explains, “I am not non-MO. I am BMO.” The guards gasp, and a voice asks, “BMO?” Finn, Jake and BMO look up to see a emaciated, atrophied old man, kept alive only by MOs. The man explains that he is Moe, the creator of the factory, as well as the creator of BMO. Moe assures Finn and Jake that he will not reset BMO's personality. Moe explains that he originally built BMO to take care of his son, but since he never had a son, he sent BMO off into the world alone, hoping that it could find a family of its own, maybe even find somebody else's little boy to take care of. Although he claims to have built a million robots, Moe says that BMO is very special: he built BMO to understand fun and how to play. He built BMO to be more - this is BMO's namesake. CMO hands Moe a back-up drive disk, which heals BMO. BMO awakens and runs up to hug Moe. Jake points out that although Moe claimed to have made millions of robots, he and Finn had only seen the receptionist and the security guards. Moe then leads them to a hatch, which opens to reveal a populous and diverse ecosystem of robots. Moe tells BMO to say hi to its family, and BMO immediately does. The other MOs say hi back to BMO, and BMO slaps its screen in happiness. The episode then ends.

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