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Voice Actor

Weird Al Yankovic

The Banana Man is a character that appeared in the episode "The New Frontier," where he was first seen in Jake's "Croak Dream." In the dream, Banana Man was seen drifting in space with a glass helmet on, while Jake suffocated. Jake then woke up from his dream. He later visted the Tree Fort and surprised Finn that he was there. Quickly, Finn grabbed Jake so they could hide from the Banana Man. He knocked on the door, but soon left the Tree Fort. Jake wanted to find out so he could fullfill his dream. They set off to the Banana Man's house. After the rocket Banana Man made fails to take off, Finn, Jake, and the Banana Man sink into an underground lake. The three survive, and the Banana Man reveals he just wanted some sugar. He lives in a dome-like house. He also owns a Banana Man's Rocket. He later appeared in We Fixed A Truck, wherein he helped Finn, Jake and BMO repair an abandoned truck. He was also arrested for public nudity in the same episode.


He is half of a banana with a slit cut out from part of the banana peel as an opening for his face. His arms are sticking out from is sides, also from holes in the banana peel. His eyes are big and have pupils, unlike most characters.


There's not enough boom-boom stick-hole sticks in the stick-hole! - "The New Frontier"

I just wanted... To borrow... Some sugar. - "The New Frontier"

I fixed the truck! Are we friends now?! - "We Fixed A Truck"


  • He is voiced by Weird Al Yankovic.
  • He was mistaken as a bad guy.
  • His name is similar to that of the British comic character, Bananaman.
  • He seems to be a genius, for he knows a lot about car engines and had built a rocket ship.


Banana Man can't enjoy his Kinect

Banana Man can't enjoy his Kinect

I Am A Banana! (Adventure Time)

I Am A Banana! (Adventure Time)


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