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Voice Actress

Niki Yang

BMO is a super cute, Gameboy-like character. BMO is gender less. Throughout the series, different characters call BMO a "him" and others caIl BMO a "her." Because of this, in the episode "Fionna and Cake," BMO has no difference in appearance. BMO is fun to play with and is very useful in technology wise. BMO is one of the main characters as well. BMO has several different ports on his body, from USB to VHS, and BMO "IS" camera too. BMO is also a little strange when Finn & Jake are not around. As seen in the episode "Five Short Graybles," BMO talks to "Football" (BMO's Self) in the mirror and pretends that BMO "is" a real boy. Football then appears once again in "Five More Short Graybles." Also in "BMO Noire," BMO was the main protagonist in the episode. BMO's appearance is a little turquoise video game player.

BMO is Mentioned in "Mystery Dungeon" by Ice King after he accidently took NEPTR instead of him.



Where is the sock, Lorraine? -"BMO Noire"

I am incapable of all emotion, but you are making me chafed. - "Donny"

You guys shot a lot of footage. About... 20 hours. - "Video Makers"

Check please. - "Video Makers"

BMO is camera. - "Conquest of Cuteness"

Who wants to play video games? - "Rainy Day Daydream"

If anyone try's to hurt Finn, I will kill them! - "Incendium "

BMO CHOP! If this were a real attack, you'd be dead. "Card Wars"

Sorry, but forgetting is not in my job description. - "BMO Noire"

Jake! We need a silver baseball!- Hug Wolf

"I Don't Play Such Games...with Jake..." -"Card Wars"

Yes Finn, it goes in my butt! "Holly Jolly Secrets Part 1"

Finn, why are you fighting with your friends? Jake you know? This can be the end. Romance or Action does not matter. Hurting your friends will make sadder. Guys you know your much more then this. You two, please stop, or you'll undo, all that you've been throughooo. Just hug, and it's agreed: Your love will not delete. "Video Makers"

No NEPTR, I am not like you. -"BMO Noire"


  • In "Hug Wolf," it is shown that BMO has a Strobe Light mode.
  • BMO has many games, probably has more than the show has aired.
  • BMO is a detective in "BMO Noire."
  • BMO has a mirror buddy named Football.
  • BMO means "Be More".
  • BMO literary has a heart of gold, as seen in "Be More".
  • It has been shown that BMO's face is not his screen, but his body, as seen in What Was Missing.
  • BMO can press a button which would transport a person into a game in his/her system