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The Axe Bass is a axe and bass guitar mixed together. It was originally just an axe which belongs in Marceline's family. Marceline plays music on this object frequently and has performed a number of songs with it. Marceline's Dad (Hunson Abadeer), dislikes the fact that Marceline turned it into "some kind of lute," which upsets Marceline because it was a "bass." It is hinted in various episodes that it contains magical powers, such as cutting a portal to anywhere.


It is a red axe with a couple of chips on its right wedge. It has strings attached by the base and it has a spike at the bottom that is used for having a strap, but it appears Marceline uses it strapless. In "Henchman," the edges of the bass were silver, but in every other episode they are red.


  • It is mentioned that the Axe Bass was used to kill someone. It is unknown if this is true.
  • Marshall Lee has the same one.
  • Hunson Abadeer thinks it is a lute.