Another Way

Another Way is the 23rd episode in the Season 3 of Adventure Time.


When Clown Nurses make Finn feel uncomfortable, Finn ignores all options, except his own, he decides to get Cyclops tears to heal his and Jake's broken feet.


Finn and Jake are in bed with broken feet, because of them jumping off birds. But Finn wakes up and is creeped out by the Clown Nurses. Finn then finds out about a Cyclops who tears can heal injuries in The Enchiridion, but the Clown Nurses tell Finn kisses are the "only way," Finn then tells the there is another way, but then the Clown Nurse freaks Finn out and Finn screams in fear and runs away.

Finn then makes his way to a crossed-way path, that was explained by a Tree Stump that if Finn goes to the left he loses his hair forever, if he goes to the right he'll stink forever. Finn ask if there is another way and the Tree Stump responds, "No Man! Choosing is the only way." Finn then freaks out and and runs straight through the paths and destroys the Tree Stumps cross road sign.

Finn them makes it to a river, that is very dangerous, Finn then hears a Tree Shrub saying, "Ring. Ring. Hello Dummie Police, yeah, i got a big dummie here, OK, goodbye." Finn then says he needs to cross the river but the Tree shrub tells him its to dangerous and calls him a big dummie (again). Finn then see's the Tree Shrub as one of the Clown Nurses, and repeatedly saying "Glob It," which confuses the Shrub.Finn then grabs the Shrub and uses it to clear a path he can run through, while getting shocked in the progress. The Shrub states that they are not even half way across, he then insults Finn and tells him to turn back. Finn then screams "My Way!" and clears another path in the river and runs to the other side of the river.


  • The Episode Card shows Finn and Jake jumping off birds, which caused them to break their feet.


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