Another Five Short Graybles is the 24th Episode of Season 5. It is the 128th episode overall.


Cuber tells more stories of the "old days": Finn and Jake try to entertain Jake Jr., Princess Bubblegum tries to help Cinnamon Bun conquer his fear of the dark, Ice King and his penguins decide on which one of their movies to watch, the Earl of Lemongrab and his brother Lemongrab 2 argue over their toy lemon doll, and Mr. Fox's sub-conscious self draws a treasure map.


The episode begins in a room filled with birds and trees which seems to be in outer space, in which we find Cuber standing on the edged of a fenced-in balcony. He asks if instead of hearing more Graybles, the audience would rather watch him make a birdhouse; the "camera" pans up and down as if nodding yes. After Cuber suddenly explodes, the scene quickly changes to a workshop room in which he is finishing a birdhouse; however, it is missing a "door hole." He ponders where the hole should go before remembering that the answer can be found in the Graybles. He asks the audience if they mind if he looks through them to find it. The "camera" pans side to side as if shaking its head no, and Cuber brings up the Graybles on what appears to be a glass screen.

Acceptance (starring Finn, Jake, and Jake Jr.)

The first grayble takes place in Finn and Jake's treehouse, where Jake Jr. is sitting on a couch reading. After she tells Jake she is nervous about the future, Jake and Finn insist on building a "time machine" for her in an attempt to entertain her and cheer her up. While Jake and Finn are away getting things to build the machine, Jake Jr. remarks that her mom has a strange "taste in men." Jake and Finn return and make an elaborate show of creating the time machine, pretending that a pillow is a part they need to build it. Jake Jr. appears amused, but says, "I'm not a little kid anymore."

Denial (starring Cinnamon Bun)

The next grayble takes place in what appears to be Cinnamon Bun's house in the Candy Kingdom. As Cinnamon Bun throws a fit on his bed in his room, Princess Bubblegum yells from the doorway, "You're not a little kid anymore!" and says that he should not have a nightlight anymore. She is holding a gold-orange nightlight that is in the shape of Jake's face. Cinnamon Bun hysterically declares that it is too dark when the lights are off; when he turns on the light he screams that it is too bright; when he breaks the light, making it dark once again, he yells until the broken fixture catches on fire beside his bed, giving the room a soft, glowing light, and he relaxes in his bed. Outside, firefighters put out the fire in Cinnamon Bun's house, and he leaps out the window screaming, "I...need...soft...light!"

Bargaining (starring Ice King)

The next grayble starts with a scene of Ice King yelling "Yeeaaarrgh!" reading the name on the label of some sort of condiment jar and claiming he does not remember buying it. He begins cleaning out his refrigerator, taking out a good amount of old items and tossing them in a garbage can. When he is done he walks over to his penguins, who are sitting close together on the floor in front of a shut-off television. Ignoring the Candy Kingdom, which is clearly on fire, Ice King pulls down the curtain of his window, then walks over to the penguins, taking out a collection of four "nominated" videos - Baby Ballet, Blimby's "WHO GOTS DA ABC'S", Airplanes Taking Off, and Basic Mortality: Season One - and asking them which one they would like to watch. He stops on the last one, which he wants to watch, and tries to convice the penguins that it is a trending show in the Land of Ooo. When he tells them to vote, every penguin votes for Baby Ballet. Surprised and unsatisfied with their choice, Ice King asks them to negotiate, and after whispering he should have never gave them the right to vote, he tells them he will do whatever they want if they let him put on the show he wants to watch - Basic Mortality, the one that he has heard is popular and "really good for penguins." The penguins have a small conference, then one penguin quacks their answer. The scene then cuts to the penguins watching the show while Ice King dances beside the television, dressed as a baby ballerina. As Ice King listens to the show, he quietly remarks that the show may be "too dark," referring to the use of "super murder" in the show.

Anger (starring the Earls of Lemongrab)

Cinnamon Bun is heard and shown running through trees, screaming "Too dark!" as it is now nearly night. When he reaches the edge of the trees and falls into a square of light cast through a window, he screams, "Too Bright!" He is quieted by Lemongrab 2 when he throws a lemon into Cinnamon Bun's eye, telling him to "Eat on it!" Then, we find the two Lemongrabs playing with a dollhouse in what appears to be Castle Lemongrab. They affectionately call the small lemon-headed china doll they are playing with "Lemon-sweets" and "our son," although it does not seem to be alive. Lemongrab 2 says that Lemon-sweets would like to go to sleep in his miniature bed, but the original Lemongrab says he would rather stay up and dance, and grabs the doll, making it dance. Lemongrab 2 disagrees and tries to take the doll back, but they struggle for a moment before he wins over and wrenches the doll from Lemongrab's grasp. He puts Lemon-sweet to bed quickly, then stands up to open a cupboard mounted on the wall, getting in the other Lemongrab's way and pushing him aggressively from behind in the process. He says, "I'll fetch our dearest son his sleeping bonnet," and delicately takes a tiny yellow and orange hat out of a cupboard filled with rows of tiny hats, calling it "beautiful." When he turns back around, he finds that his brother is watching him intently, has taken the doll out of its bed and is making it dance again. Lemongrab 2 soon becomes angry when Lemongrab says, "We hate you," (supposedly referring to the doll and himself), and Lemongrab 2 attempts to take back the doll, which results in Lemon-Sweets falling to the ground, breaking his head into many pieces. Outraged, Lemongrab 1 screams "only one!" and proceeds to swallow Lemongrab 2. Lemongrab 2 panics, and screams, almost inaudibly because of all the other noise, "THE END! MY END!"

Depression (starring Mr. Fox)

The last grayble begins at the entrance of what seems to be Mr. Fox's small, decrepit house. He is saying "My end... table" as this scene appears, referring to a small, round table next to the door that has a flower vase on top of it. He then proceeds to give the audience a tour of his house, showing a radiator that is crazily bouncing around and shooting out jets of water or steam (he ducks one jet, saying "almost got me in my both eyes!"), a pair of bugs making buzzing noises and appearing to be "selling each other houses," and a depression in his bed that perfectly shows Mr. Fox's outline. Mr. Fox says, "Boy, it's like I can almost see myself sleeping in there...," before what seems to be a semi-transparent ghost appears in that very spot and scares him. It gets up from the bed, and, with its eyes still closed, walks over to a desk and writes on a sheet of paper that he knows where some buried treasure is and will draw a map to guide him to it so that he can be rich. Excited, Mr. Fox watches as his "sub-conscious self" begins to draw a treasure map. However, the ghost opens its eyes and disappears before the map is finished as Cinnamon Bun bursts into the house. He finds that there is too much light and rips down the lightbulb that is lighting the room, plunging him and Mr. Fox into darkness. He yells once again that it is too dark, throws the bed, and crashes through the wall opposite the door, leaving a large circular hole behind him as he continues his rampage. Mr. Fox, seeming to try to be optimistic, says that Cinnamon Bun has made the place look rustic, but as he walks away, his subconscious self says, "Mmm... what a jerk."

Acceptance, part 2

The second-to-last scene appears to be a conclusion for two of the graybles. Finn is shown, helping Jake finish up the "time machine." He says, "What, a jerk?" referring to a movement Jake needs him to carry out to build the time machine. Jake says yes, and they turn a motor onto its side inside an open briefcase. When their machine is completed and Jake announces this to his daughter, Jake Jr. who is sitting on the floor reading a book, next to an empty wine glass, asks, "You having fun, Dad?" Jake and Finn sit on top of the time machine, and Jake holds up a wooden horse puppet toy with a metal clamp and cord attached to it. He presses the button, and, unexpectedly, a flashing red light immediately illuminates the room while an electronic voice loudly says "Stranger! Stranger!" over and over.

Cuber chooses this moment to pause the graybles. Back in Cuber's workshop, a screen image of Jake Junior illuminated in shades of red is frozen on the screen behind the host. Cuber looks at the image and sees a small birdhouse on the wall in the background, realizing that the door hole of the birdhouse is supposed to go above the peg. He then begins to say his usual closing statement that indicates the end of the episode, but stops abruptly as if the audience has interjected. He asks if the audience would like to guess the theme of the graybles again. The "camera" shakes back and forth, indicating this is not what the audience wants. Cuber then guesses that the audience just wants to see the rest of the graybles. The "audience" agrees, and he resumes the scene in the treehouse.

Acceptance, part 3

Chaos continues in the treehouse as lights flash and and alarm goes off, until Jake Jr. realizes that BMO is the one causing all the commotion with an alarm light on its head because of an intruder, Cinnamon Bun. She picks up BMO and types in the words "It's OK," after which the alarm stops going off and BMO's normal face returns to its screen. BMO says "excuse me." Then Jake Jr. catches Cinnamon Bun trying to steal a Jake-shaped nightlight out of the wall, and demands to know what he is doing trying to steal her dad's stuff. He says he needs the light because he is so scared, and she tells Cinnamon Bun that he cannot steal. He begins to cry, his frosting dripping onto the floor like tears, so she relents, taking the light out of the wall using her hair, dropping it in her hand, and giving it to him. Cinnamon Bun runs out of the tree fort, yelling, "Take that, Princess Bubblegum!" BMO apologizes for "messing up her time travel" and Jake-Jr. accepts the apology, claiming "It was just make believe anyways." Finn interrupts to reveal that they did indeed go through time to get tomorrow's newspaper, which is held by Jake and appears to have been made by hand.

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