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The Ancient Sleeping Magi of Giving Life







The Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving is a character that appeared in "Mystery Dungeon."


The Magi first appears In "Mystery Dungeon", were NEPTR uses a pie to find the Magi, Ice King tgen explains his ability to bring inanimated objects to life and attacks to life and throws his Book into the hands of the Magi, awakening him and bringing his book to life. The Magi then flies above Surface and flies into the sky.

He the appears again in "Little Dude" as he brings Finn's hat alive by mistake and forewarns them the danger of it. He then helps Finn and Jake defeat Little Dude and turns him back into a regular hat, along with everything else he used to defeat Little Dude. Finn then tells him to bring him back to life and the Magi does so, but this time he is good due to the Magi thinking good thoughts, Finn then lets The Magi keeps his hat as a friend, leaving the Msgi in Joy.


The Ancient Sleeping Magi has the ability to bring Inanimated objects to life, as seen with Ice King's Fionna & Cake fan fiction journal. It didn't bring the characters to life, but instead the journal itself, who kept shouting 'Write in me!' After bringing the journal to life, the Magi flies away into the sky.