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Adventure Time All Warmed Up Inside

All Warmed Up Inside is a song sung to Flame Princess in "Incendium" as her 2nd gift. It is sung by Jake to Flame Princess's father, in an attempt to get Flame Princess to like Finn, in order to help Finn get over Princess Bubblegum. Finn never actually sings the song, because Jake was pretending to be Finn. The original song was about Princess Bubblegum from Finn, called All Gummed Up Inside.


Oh, Flame Princess,

I think you're rad.

I really wanna kiss you,

Right in front of your dad.

'Cause I think you're great,

I wanna be your mate,

Maybe go on a date.

'Cause it feels like there's a fire inside my body,

Like there's a fire inside my heart.

It's like this fire is gonna consume me,

If I keep waiting for this thing to start.

Ohh, I feel like I'm all warmed up inside,

I feel all warmed up inside,

I feel all warmed up insi-i-i-i-de...


  • The original first four lines were:

Oh, Flame Princess,

I like your dress.
Your like a beautiful treasure,
I wanna open your chest.
  • This song is a reference in "All Gummed Up Inside".