Adventure Time Super Fans Wiki

Ok so basically these are the wiki's rules. They have to be followed.

Making or Editing Pages

When creating or editing a page these procedures must be followed. You will be warned 3 times, and then you will be blocked.

  • The page must have at least one sentence and one picture.
  • Must not contain any propaganda or advertisements such as drugs, sexual content, or bad language.
  • Do not delete other people's work unless it is used to revise or correct something.
  • Do not post any inappropriate pictures on the pages.
  • Do not publish any false remarks, remember, opinions go on the article comments or opinion pages.
  • Do not make any false pages, such as unconfirmed or fake episodes or fake characters.
  • Do not copy content from another wiki or website and add it here. 

Chat Rules

You get 3 warnings, then a Mod or Admin can decide to kick/ban you whenever he/she feels like it. Some rules can get you banned with out a warning but it is the Mod/Admin's pick to kick/ban you with out a warning, no acceptions.

  • Don't offend anothor user in anyway, no warning kick/ban.
  • Do not spam over 5 lines.
  • Do not use Caps Lock for more than 5 sentences at a time.
  • Do not say/link anything pornographic or age innapropriate, no warning kick/ban.
  • Only write in English. (acceptions can be made).
  • Cussing is not allowed at any given time.
  • Breaking 2 or more rules at once may lower your warning rate, such as spaming in anothor language.
  • Arguing with a Mod/Admin may count as breaking the rules if the Mod/Admin considers it.
  • Do not advertise other Wikis. If you wish to, ask a Mod/Admin first.

If anyone has a question about their ban you can only ask the Mod/Admin who banned you. If the Mod/Admin is inactive at the momment then you may ask any other official.

If You're New

There can be a exception made for new users on chat, but it is up to the Admin or Mod who kick/banned you.


Badges are a privilege so please respect that. Edits that are made only to recive badges are called "Fluff Edits". Do not edit the same page over 5 times within the same day. Try to add a good protion of content to a page when your adding information within a single edit.


Categories are used to help organize the wiki, these are the rules for them.

  • You can only add used categories to pages. These are our used categories.
  • When adding a category make sure the category is appropriate for the page.
  • Do not make categories, leave that job for the Admins.

User Profiles, Talk Pages and Blogs

  • Your Profile, Talk Page and Blog: Even though it is your own, if an Admin sees something inappropriate such as a swear, a bad picture, or something that shows hatred to another person, then an Admin has the right to remove it from your profile.
  • Other Profiles: Do not edit another users profile unless you get permission from that user. If it's to remove something inappropriate then please ask an Admin to do so.
  • Talk Pages: A talk page is a page on the wiki. Do not remove content from others talk page. When leaving a message rules 2 and 4 of the "Making or Editing Pages" rules must be followed and also rules 1, 5 and 6 of the chat rules.


Okay, if you are going to add more photos of your character you have photos of, never add more than 20 photos on the main article of the character. If you want to add more photos, then go edit the page. once you are on the editing mode, there is a button that looks like a chain, that button will add a link to this page. If you click it, the system will make you name it. This the easy part, just paste or copy the character's or object's name and use the slash button on the key board ( / <-- this button). Don't space it from the name! Leave it with the name and type "Gallery", the system will already have the gallery name when you type it. Click or finish typing Gallery and press "Finish". The name should look like this ---> *Any Character's Name*/Gallery. It should look like this ---> Lord Monochromicorn/Gallery. The Gallery version of the the Character is the ONLY page that you can add more than 20 - ???, not on the main page of the character. If you do add more than 20 photos on the main page of the character, it would make it too long and you will be issued a warning!

Article Comments

They are used for opinions or discussions. All the Chat Rules apply for them.