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Although Adventure Time is a show for kids. There have been a few instances where the writers have snuck in some hidden adult jokes in the show that the kids wouldn't get. This is a complete list of all of those jokes.

Please note that we are not going to be explaining what the jokes are referencing to here. This is still a kids wiki and they do not need to be exposed to this. If you're old enough to know about this, then you'll understand the jokes, if you're not old enough, then you won't and this page is pretty much worthless to you. So, glad that we've got all that covered and hope you all enjoy the page without learning too much. :)

Season 1

Trouble in Lumpy Space

  • Lumpy Space Princess uses the term "lump" in places that swear words would go, saying phrases like "What the lump" and "Lump off", which gets her punished by her parents.

My Two Favorite People

  • Lady Rainicorn tells a story in Korean, which Finn doesn't understand. The story she told translates to a story about her and Jake streaking in the farmer's garden.
  • Lady Rainicorn tells Jake to wrap his legs around her.

To Cut A Woman's Hair

  • Finn gives Princess Bubblegum some spaghetti and says "Here, Princess Bubblegum, put this in your mouth. It's hot."

Season 2

Season 3

Fionna and Cake

  • Prince Gumball takes Fionna up into his bedroom with her. After closing and locking the door, Prince Gumball starts to take off his jacket. It is then revealed that this was actually Ice Queen in disguise, finding a way to kill Fionna and the reason she locked the door was so that she wouldn't be able to escape.
    • Later in the episode, Cake breaks into the room after hearing all of Fionna's screaming. She then sees Prince Gumball holding Fionna's hands while her dress is all ripped. She takes this out of context and then starts attacking him, until Fionna stops her and explains that it was all just The Ice Queen.

Season 4

Burning Low

  • Jake explains the list of relationship tiers about dating to Finn. He then mentions that tier 15 is something he should stay away from.
  • When Finn and Flame Princess kiss for the first time, Flame Princess becomes overexcited and burns a hole in the ground. They then realize that kissing each other is too much for them at the time. Flame Princess then gets the idea to kiss a rock and then hands it to Finn so he can kiss it too. They then exchange these words of dialogue.
    • Finn: "Well, today, I think we learned that kissing can be pretty dangerous if we're unsafe when we do it. It's not as wonderful and easy as everyone says it is."
    • Flame Princess: "Yeah, and right now, my powers are a bit young for experiencing such exciting emotions. Although that felt amazing and it was completely unforgettable. I almost got myself into a lot of trouble."
    • Finn: "Let's just both agree that we're too young for kissing."
    • (Both pause for a second)
    • Flame Princess: "Maybe not."
    • Finn: "Yeah, maybe not. I'd like to do that again too."
    • Flame Princess: "Yeah, let's just use a rock when we do it."
    • Finn: "Yeah, for protection."

Marceline's Closet

  • Finn sneaks into the bathroom to see Marceline, but sees her getting undressed. He actually sees her naked and is seen laying down under her and looking directly up, with her legs being seen above him.

Season 5


  • Gunther humps Jake's face.

Season 6

Love Games

  • Finn and Slime Princess had to get into a spoon cuddling contest. They were both intended to lay down on a mattress and spoon cuddle. Finn was extremely terrified of this and he kept rolling away from Slime Princess in fear. He was heard screaming and Slime King quotes "Ah, there's nothing I enjoy more than hearing two lovers make loud screams of love." Finn was then seen exhausted from rolling away from her and then he passed out on the mattress with his eyes closed. Slime Princess then said "That's all that I get out of you? Unbelievable."